“”In the last few years, it has been observed that Google has really taken over the internet world in a big way. Over years, this search engine giant has changed the way people look at websites. “”

Its broad in its approach and has spread its wings all over the world. If offers great solutions to one and all. The Advertising section of Google is second to none. Lot of companies today vie to get the attention of this company, as they know that if your firm is recognized by Google, then the road to success is not far away.

This internet company has diversified its Advertising options by a great deal and they are now offered many new options for you to advertise. Out of all the ways to advertise, two types of advertising have become immensely popular in the last few years. They are “Pay per Click” (PPC) and “Search Engine Optimization” (SEO). These 2 methods are easier forms to market your product on Google. There are lots of firms today which are offered SEO services to promote the company.

“Pay per Click” – (PPC)


Is a system which works through the bidding format. If someone clicks on your companies Ad, then only you pay Google and not otherwise. Generally, you are supposed to use certain keywords that apply to your product.  So if you click on the ad, then the ad links would direct you to the website. These ads of the products can be seen either on the side of the Google search engine results or on the top of it. But this form of advertising is proved worthwhile only when your advertisements are related to the search entered. Its also important that your ads are relevant to the landing pages of your website. Research says that this form of Advertising can become expensive for the one who advertises. This method will give you good short term solutions and that’s about it. In order to optimize your campaign, you need to regularly monitor and your conversion rates and review your analytics. PPC form of advertising is very competitive and fierce by nature. Its takes a good amount of time and lots of money in order to a good standing in Google. One click can cost you about $2 to $100 and this can depend on the competition levels of that chosen keyword.

“Search Engine Optimization” – (SEO)


Is another form of Advertising which is much better than PPC because over here, you do not have to pay Google anything at all. SEO is all about improving your search rankings in Google and make your product visible to all. It is a very natural way of advertising which pays rich dividends to the company advertising it.  On-site optimization, off-site optimization and conversion optimization are 3 of the main elements of SEO, which play a very key role in the overall advertising of the product. To make your site or product more Google friendly, on-site optimization is very useful. This involves regularly updating your website with new and innovative content and including high important and note worthy information. In this, reviewing your analytics is very essential as well. Off-site Optimization refers to the use of backlinks that are outside the boundaries of your website. High quality content and constant research is a way to build up your backlinks.

In the end, the world of Internet Marketing offers you some great solutions to promote your website of your product. Google has become the foremost platform for such type of digital marketing as it continues to dominate the internet world through its great and amazing services.


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    Google Advertising has become really well known in the last few years and many companies are now using these methods to market their products. Its great and highly efficient and effective. Go for it now…This is the second amazing post that I got to read on Eco…Cheers


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