Facebook continues to make changes without notifying users of the world’s largest social networking website. Do you know you are being used for Facebook Ads and online marketing, and that your personal information is being sold to 3rd Party Applications and Facebook Advertisers? This article explains and gives the definitive solution to this outrageous personal privacy breach.

While we are all using Facebook with an incredible amount of trust, the social media company continues to make changes, as it has done in the past, without letting its users know. The fact that many of us are putting our private information in the hands of a snotty and arrogant twenty-something should be of concern. Are you aware of the recent Facebook changes, and how much your information is now being shared, used and sold for online marketing and only God knows what else?

  • 3rd Party Applications. Did you know the CEO of Facebook recently changed Facebook to allow 3rd party applications to access full user information? This means other applications linked to your Facebook profile are getting information such as your date of birth, address and mobile phone number if you have them on your profile. You thought your personal information was at your control, but in reality, it was opened up to any application interacting with your profile.
  • Using Your Photos. Did you know that Facebook is using your photos, and your ‘likes’ in conjunction with advertising? Not many people are aware of this change. For example, someone in your friend’s friends network is exposed to an advert, and because you liked something in relation to that, your photo and your comments are now being displayed with that advert. You are being used as an advert for a company that is advertising with Facebook. You can stop this function if you know how. Did you know this? Do you know how? To stop this you need to go to your account settings, select ‘Facebook Ads’ and choose NOT to share. If you have NOT done this, you are being used as an advert whenever Facebook chooses.
  • Selling Your Information. Many of those 3rd party applications are selling the data they gather. A new ‘fun’ application is created, collects a lot of data, and then that company puts that information on the market. Facebook has already been forced to control the amount of data it is sharing by several governments around the world. You might think you are playing a harmless game like Farmville, but in reality, Facebook is collecting a lot of information on you based on your behaviour and game playing, and selling that information on to advertisers.
  • Saying One Thing, Doing Another. Facebook continues to state users have the right to choose what information they wish to share with other websites and on the internet. Some changes were made in terms of choice when applications access your profile, but the fact remains, Facebook continues to sell your information to 3rd party applications and advertisers. Do we know where that information is going?

While Facebook has around 500 million users, it is still struggling to have a clear and definitive revenue stream. If you trust them with your personal information considering their brazen record of making constant changes to their website design and use of your information, you are a fool. Facebook is fast turning into a global phone book. The simple solution is to DELETE all of your detailed personal information such as phone number, address and date of birth. This information can easily be used against you.


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