Experiential Marketing, Is it for you?

Experiential marketing – it’s a way of connecting, it can be immensely successful… however, some find that it is like chalk and cheese.

Experiential marketing gives companies a way to become more at one with whichever target market they choose, interacting directly with their customers.  Consumers have been given many more chances to absorb and help evolve creative interactive marketing, delivering your message using a more experiential way gives the advertiser a grip on the consumer, literally helping them to trust their brand or product. Communication of this type becomes more engaging and generally more productive.

Experiential marketing builds on the successes of many other differing but similar forms of marketing, it is often used as more of a general description for a broad range of marketing disciplines, including guerrilla marketing and field advertising.  You can call it what you like, experiential, guerrilla, field or ambient marketing – what you need to know is that it is the way forward in advertising; people expect more and not everyone is on Facebook.

However, regardless of the massive professional appeal that experiential marketing gives to many pioneers in the marketing arena, it is not for everyone thinking of starting an advertising campaign…

1. It doesn’t fit your companies “profile”.

Experiential marketing campaigns have been used extremely effectively for many thousands of different types of company from large Blue Chip Corporations to the local, non-affiliated fast food outlet. Unfortunately though, if you consider that your brand is more to do with your logo, some flyers and a TV advert then it is unlikely that experiential marketing would fit your company. The whole idea is finding the very best way to capture the attention of the consumer and then getting your message across using methods specific to the customer or client.  If you find the traditional methods of advertising enough and that your company is happy to stay in the 20th century then don’t start with experiential. The consideration of differing branding concepts would probably be a better way to start out before going all experiential; A good marketing agency would be able to assist you in this regard..

2. You like to have things YOUR way.

Experiential marketing needs a level of creative expression that scares many a marketing executive.  With a few companies almost frightened to allow this type of creativity to get into their marketing campaigns .  If you know what you want and have a plan…  This areas creativity can be shown using visual and other methods.  Applying creativity as a method to produce the desired campaign results.

3. Do you know where both you and your consumer are going ?

Experiential marketing is great for connecting your brand to the consumer, however letting the potential target audience experience your brand can be extremely successful it’s often not all that is required to win the market over.  Like any other advertising campaign, the end result is money in the bank – a call to action for the consumer, building trust and loyalty whilst making a connection as though you were friends, wether through a purchase or search engine marketing.

4. You think experiential marketing is a one-off thing or a “fad”..

You have to join this together with all your other marketing ideas; the productivity of any marketing campaign shows in the methods invested at the start, using perhaps experiential as a method of connecting your other marketing activities together.  Your company or brand engages with the consumer whilst they are within the experience. Your “experiential marketing agency” will have set-up with your guidance; Connecting in a way that is just not possible with TV or Radio.  The glossy brochure, your snazzy website and the social media scene may not be enough in todays rough market.

5. You’re scared that you won’t see if it is working.

You’re looking for the ROI for the campaign?  The measure of uplift carries the most industry standard method of measurement for this type of marketing.

Experiential Marketing, it’s the way forward.


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