Most everyone in internet marketing these days realizes that list building is one of the essential techniques for long term success.

To have a group of people that will allow you to communicate and essentially sell to them over a long period of time is golden.

list eruption review

Brad List Eruption Expert

List Eruption is a piece of software based on this concept of building a list but let’s go over some of the basic essentials before starting to build a list of your own.

The biggest factor for people getting on your list is that you have some sort of exchange.

You can have a really cool, helpful website and drive traffic like crazy and have all kinds of visitors stopping by daily but that alone is not enough to build a list.

Sure, you throw an opt-in box on the page and maybe some people will sign up but not enough to really help you.

To get a big list that will really make a difference in your monthly bottom line is to have an offer, something your visitor would want and then make that available to them as long as they opt in to be on your mailing list.

See what I mean by exchange?

List Eruption Review: The Key To Success

You are going to give them a rockin’ freebie, whether that is a video or a PDF with some cool information or even a whole eBook, whatever you choose to give away it has to be something of value that your visitor would want and by making it free it will be a no brainer for them to sign up.

Now that all sounds really easy, and it can be, but the trickiest part is making sure you are going about this freebie offer the right way. If you promise something really valuable and quality and then you do not deliver that you will have problems.

People might sign up at first and be really excited for your offer but if they feel let down or ripped off in any way they will unsubscribe from your list and most likely find another blog or website to frequent and you will never see/hear from them again.

On the flip side, if you offer something and over deliver, then you will have a customer for life (and the whole “deliver” part is the key to )!

Probably my favorite type of freebie in the internet marketing niche is video training. And not just one little “preview” type of clip but a real course that could stand alone. Of course this takes longer and is more invasive but it will accomplish several things…

  1. If using your voice/face on the video then you will build authority and credibility by becoming “real” to them.
  2. This comes across as a total bargain since most marketers charge big money for anything video.
  3. They will see your teaching style and if it gels with them then they will know they could follow a course you later promote/feature on your site ’cause they will understand your point of view.

So when you can do all this AND get a subscriber to your site why wouldn’t you take the time and make a really well thought out, helpful video course?

It doesn’t have to be extravagant or give away all your secrets and tactics but something to give a taste of what to expect by joining the list.

For more help and ideas with list building and how it can grow your business,  my List Eruption Review would be a good resources to check out.


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