List Eruption Review: “List Building Plugin Breakthrough or Epic Fail?”

Hey everyone, Brad here, and I wanted to write a quick review for the new List Eruption software and training system set to launch on Monday.

First thing’s first — what the heck is List Eruption?

List Eruption is actually a WordPress plugin thought up and produced by Tim Atkinson and Mark Thompson.  Well, to be fair, they were the guys with the master plan and then outsourced the creation of the product to the same guy who built the ever popular PopUpDomination list building tool.


List Eruption Review

So straight away, at least I know we’re in good hands, as I’ve been a long time user and advocate of PopUp Domination.

The unique thing about List Eruption is that it uses the power of referral marketing, social media, social bookmarking and bonus giveaways to entice each and every opt-in to go out and recruit additional opt-ins for you.

Pretty smart, right?

This is actually a strategy I’ve been using in my own affiliate marketing business for a few months now, although it’s been tricky with no done-for-you tool to help me out.

Guess that’s no longer an issue come Monday when List Eruption official goes live.

The benefits of this plugin are obvious…

[+] You’ll receive more bang for you buck, as each opt-in could end up resulting in 3-4 (or more) additional opt-ins

[+] Automated link building, as each new subscriber will be enticed to go out and share your content for you

[+] Short learning curve and easy-to-use WordPress admin area… also integrates easily with all popular autoresponder services, like Aweber, GetResponse and others…

[+] Aesthetically pleasing widget and landing page templates — no more paying big bucks for a professional-looking squeeze page

My List Eruption Review Continued

The negatives aren’t as easy to list at this point in time, as there are clearly no List Eruption reviews as of yet… but here’s what I’d keep an eye on…

[-] Any software has the potential for glitches, bugs and the constant need for those annoying updates

[-] Although all of these done-for-you list building functions are cool, you could technically accomplish all of ‘em manually (it just takes a little more planning and work)

[-] Still doesn’t solve your traffic problem.  Hey, I’m just sayin’…

That’s about it for my List Eruption review for now.  I’ll stop back post-launch and update this post with more of the nitty gritty consumer feedback…

I’ve got a dynamite bonus as well.  You can learn more here: and Bonus Offer…



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