So, you want to build a list…

The basics of setting up the system to begin building a list are relatively simple. There will be some decisions to make along the way to personalize and tweak according to your niche and marketing goals but overall the steps are the same for everyone. List Eruption is an upcoming software tool for building lists.

To get started you will decide what your “hook” is going to be. What you are going to offer to entice your website visitors to opt in and get on your mailing list.

This can be a video, eBook, audio, PDF, worksheets or brainstorm guides, etc. It depends on your niche and your business. Personally I think a video course works the best in the internet marketing niche.

The main point is make it something people actually want and then over deliver and make it super high quality whatever it is.

The second step here is to choose an autoresponder service. Essentially this is a company that will send out your premade emails to people once they join up.

Aweber and GetResponse are two popular options. Once you choose you will need to create your first list.

This is very easy to do and high quality autoresponder companies have step-by-step training as you go along and then a help desk for any unexpected issues. Very easy to do.

The third thing to do is load up both your freebie page where the subscriber will be able to access the promised freebie and then you also need to write your first email that will thank your new subscriber for joining in and just give an overview of the things you will be providing which will encourage them to stay on the list and not just unsubscribe once they get whatever the free gift was.

Again, there is training provided within your autoresponder to set all this up (resource: list eruption review tips).

List Eruption Review — Important Point

Don’t overthink this or let it freak you out. Just be conversational and helpful. That is what the best lists do. Don’t start off cramming something down their throats, just be chill and personable and people will wanna listen to what you have to say.

Lastly you want to preload a number of emails so that it will make list management as hands off as possible so you can sit back and let it work for you. Set the schedule for how often you want to contact your members, probably keep this laid back, don’t be aggressive or pushy.

Within three or four emails after they have received their free offer and are happy with that you can start gently directing them to some of your more “sale-sy” offers and start softly promoting whatever your main affiliate product is (or your own product, in some cases)

Once you have your first several emails loaded then you can kinda step away and let it run and in the future go back and add in more emails and things to keep a connection as you feel appropriate.

So really list building can be made fairly simple and easy to manage and the rewards can be very lucrative. Each member on your list is more money in your pocket each month. To get into some more advanced techniques you can check out this List Eruption review article to see if somewhere that would fit into your business structure and list building efforts.

Make list building an early priority in your business because it will only help you in the long run and make it so much easier to meet your income goals and create more stability without having to constantly worry about sending more and more traffic to keep to your level.

When you have a nice sized list then you will have repeat customers and then any new traffic you drive will increase your monthly income and cause it to grow rather than driving the same amount each month and making the same each month because you cannot sell to those same people again.



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