A newbie in blogging always ask how to start a blog?

A blog or also known as weblog refers to website where you can regularly post content or articles.  Blogging is a type of inbound marketing where it is used by online marketers to promote their products and services thru generating leads. Blogging helps in SEO, networking sites and social news.

Thru blogs you may start a conversation that has a marketing strategy on it. It is also permission centric which means the blogger can decide whether or not to keep the blog private which can be viewed only by certain group or for public viewing.

How to start a blog? First you have to choose the right and best blog software for you. You have to choose a blog that has a lot of functionality.  It will be better if you can use your own business URL like blog.mycompany.com.  There is much blog software which can allow you to do it.  The best blog software can allow you to have email and RSS subscriptions as well. And it should also allow you to integrate your blog in the social media sites.  In order for you to know if your blog is successful, the blog software can measure the blog’s success by reporting to you the email and RSS subscribers over a period of time.  It should also be able to count how many visitors as well as leads generated by the blog. An efficient software blog can track the rank of the keywords used in the search engines.

If you are just new in blogging, you should choose a blog software provider that gives education, technical support as well as marketing expertise and advice so you can be successful with your blog. You will not be lost in how to start a blog because the team will assist you.

Once you find the perfect blog software for you, you now need to start writing blogs. So articles? Your blog articles should be eye-catching and can draw readers to have a look in your blog.  You should create curiosity and interest to your readers to attract them in reading.  When your writing a blog, choose a topic, ideas, trends, experiences or thought that are of interest to you and you can share relevant information to others.  Or you may also comment on a press release and write an article about it. You can also include a link to your blog so readers can check on your site if the readers found it interesting.

You should have a regular blog preferably on weekly basis to maintain a steady readership.  It will also be helpful for your SEO efforts.

Promote your blog sites to your friends and family and asked them to forward it to others. You may also promote it thru social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and many others.

Lastly, analyze your blog effectiveness by evaluating how many visitors and subscribers in your site with the aid of the blog software.  If your blog is effective you can attract many followers to comment on your site as well as it can pave way for building good and trusting relationship with your readers.




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