Bigcommerce vs Shopify

If you thought about starting an online business, then you will definitely need an ecommerce platform for it. There are some websites that can provide you with everything you need for starting your own online store. Most people that do this have stores in real life, but expanding the business online is a great options of getting new customers from many more places. If you want to, you can sell your products online, as long as you or your clients are up to pay for the shipping price. This is not a problem nation-wide usually, but if you send items abroad, you might encounter small difficulties. You probably heard about websites such as Bigcommerce and Shopify. These websites are both pretty good at powering online stores, even for people who have no experience in programming and such. However, you can’t use both of them, so you will have to compare Bigcommerce and Shopify stats in order to see which one of them would be best suitable for expanding your business over the Internet.

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

Bigcommerce vs Shopify

If you never had another online store, then you are probably unaware of the way you are supposed to manage things on ecommerce. Shopify provides you with a whole array of important information for you that will help you get started. You will even be told how to make your own online store from scratch through an instructive video.

However, you need to look a little for the information you are interested in finding out, because there is none on the home page. This is a great disadvantage, as some people don’t have the patience to check the entire page to look for the area of the website that gives you the instructions for using their services. With Shopify, you have to click on the Feature Tour button in order to finally find the organized information you need. If you go on the Bigcommerce website, you immediately get the chance to learn more. First of all, you will probably notice the fact that you can join the website and create a store and use it for free for fifteen whole days. This is supposed to give you enough time to think whether using Bigcommerce is profitable or not. On the same home page, you will probably notice reliable short opinions of the media. Magazines such as Forbes or Website Magazine praise the possibilities Bigcommerce gives to people who want to sell online. Then once you want to learn more about this website, you have a very nicely organized area where you are asked about your experience with ecommerce websites.

Depending on the option you choose, you will get certain information. If you never had an online store before, everything will be beautifully explained to you if you choose the “I’m new to e-commerce” answer on the home page. You will practically be shown everything that Bigcommerce will help you with for making a great online store that will attract clients very easily. This website also provides SEO, so that your store will be easily found if customers are looking for items that you sell with any kind of search engine. With Bigcommerce, you will easily set up your website to do email marketing and even mobile commerce. Even though Bigcommerce updates the software every once in a while, this does not affect the way your store runs.

This way, you can update the website whenever you get the chance and smoothly blend in the changes with everything else, without getting any unpleasant delays for your clients or for your website’s development. If you choose Bigcommerce, you will not even have to worry about backing up information and about constantly maintaining the store. The reason why you won’t have any worries with these jobs is because Bigcommerce is automatically doing all of it for you. Not even web hosting and servers won’t be your concern anymore. You can use multi channel retailing with Bigcommerce, so that you don’t only need to sell on your shop, but you can also post them on websites such as eBay or Facebook for getting people worldwide to find your products easier. Read more about Bigcommerce vs Shopify here.

While comparing Shopify to Bigcommerce, the differences are not all that big at first. However, if you analyze both of them a little, you will notice the fact that although Shopify has a very attractive look and that it is very friendly to new users who can customize it very easily, Bigcommerce is more professional.

Your online store is more likely to be much more visited if it is made with Bigcommerce, thanks to the SEO and other things provided by the platform offered by this company. The might be both reliable, but if you want your store to get on the right track in a short amount of time and to get it popular easier, then Bigcommerce is the answer. It has great features, customization options and everything it has to offer will help you increase your sales in no time.


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