mobile marketing 2012If you’re an affiliate marketer who’s struggling to gain momentum online, perhaps you should take a look at mobile marketing.

It’s not late 2012, and in case you’ve been ignoring the obvious, we’re currently living through a mobile renaissance.  Think about it – 5 years from now, will there still be such a thing as the “home computer?”

Will the computer giants still be cranking out new versions of their current desktops and laptops?

Or… will the computer cease to exist, being swallowed up by more dynamic and portable smart phones and tablets?

Well, judging by the ridiculous surge of mobile users, I’d put my money on the latter.  And for this reason, it’s crazy to not at least entertain the idea of shifting your marketing efforts to include mobile campaigns.

Now, contrary to popular belief, mobile marketing isn’t just about creating apps or serving paid ads.

Mobile Marketing 2012 – Not What You Might Think

It can also include your traditional affiliate marketing campaigns as well.

Essentially, to step into the mobile marketing game, you take what’s working with your traditional systems and strategies, then simply tweak them to ensure they’re mobile-friendly.

If that all sounds extremely overwhelming and you’re thinking you haven’t a clue how to get started, don’t sweat it…

There are actually a surplus of moderately-priced courses out there that can walk you through this entire process, step-by-step.

(For example ).

Or, you can always spend a little time searching good ole’ Google and you’ll run into tons of articles and blog posts that give great overviews of how to get involved with mobile marketing.

Having said that, when it gets down to the more technical aspects, you’d be wise to find yourself a mentor or one of those courses I eluded to earlier.

Following the coaching from someone who’s already had success in this field will save you so much time, money and effort over the long run.

Anyways, just a little food for thought here.

In coming posts, I plan on giving some actionable details on how I’ve transitioned a small part of my standard affiliate marketing into the mobile world.  In addition, I’ll give some case studies that reveals live results I’ve achieved.

Granted, my results aren’t anything to quit your job off of, but for someone with no previous experience, I hope to finish out 2012 with some decent profit margins.


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