Google Adsense can be one of the easiest ways to make money online. It has become very popular in recent times because you really don’t have to know how to sell anything in order to make money from it.

What is Google Adsense?

If you have a website with high quality content on it you can always apply to become an Adsense publisher. Once you become a publisher you will get a code that you can put on your website(s). Google will then read the content of your site and place ads on your site that are related to that content.

Every time someone clicks on one of these ads you make money. While an individual click will not make you a lot of money they can add up if you have a lot of people coming to your site.

Do They Pay?

There are some people out there saying that Google Adsense is a scam and that Google Adsense doesn’t pay. Nothing can be further for the truth. But you do have to follow their terms of service and you have to be ethical about it.

If you are clicking on your own ads or encouraging people to click on your ads for you then you will be banned from the program and not paid. Most of the people who say there is a going on did unethical stuff like that when they were a publisher and they were banned as a result.

If you just focus on making your site great for visitors and don’t try to cheat people you should be ok. Remember, Google wants high quality websites to have their ads on them. It makes money from good publishers and bans people they feel are doing something unethical and cheating their advertisers out of money.


Google is not the only ad network in town. There are a lot of great which can make you some good money.

Programs like Infolinks, Chikita, Bidvertisers, and Adbrite all work in a similar way to Adsense and are worth looking into for three reasons.

• First of all it helps you get more out of your website. From my experience having a couple different ad networks on the same page is a lot more profitable from just having one. But be careful, there are some networks that Google does not want to be on the same page as their Adsense ads.

• It help you find the best way of monetizing your site. You might actually find that a program like Chikita outperforms Adsense and in that case you would want to switch to Chikita. It is always a good idea to test different networks to see which one makes you the most money.

• If you ever do get banned from Google Adsense then it is nice to know you have other ad networks making you money on your site. That way if something bad happens with one ad network you can still make money overall.

Joining Google Adsense can be a good idea. Just remember to actually supply some good content along side of it. The higher the quality of your content the easier it will be to get people coming to your website to begin with.



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