clickbank auto profits reviewIn this article, I’ll be giving you the mile high overview of how I rake in passive “auto profits” by selling digital goods through ClickBank.

The first thing I do is select a commercial keyword.  A big mistake I see many up and coming online marketers continually make is to create content based around non-commercial keywords (or no “keywords” at all, for that matter).

Basically, they’re writing blog posts, publishing articles and making videos with titles that don’t mean anything… and therefore, don’t get searched for.

I, on the other hand, focus on creating my content around proven-to-convert, highly commercial keywords that I know people are searching Google for… and also that I know will have a high probability of ending in a commission/sale for myself.

A great keyword would be the name of a product (or the name of a product, plus the word “review” after it), or a phrase that implies the searcher who’s typing it in has a very pressing problem that they need the solution to right away.  For example:  home remedies for acne…

Earning Auto Profits With ClickBank

Do you see how that phrase tells us that the searcher has a problem they want to solve, and it’s very specific and already shows us that they’re looking to buy a solution they can use from the comfort of their own home?

Phrases like this lead to commissions.

Okay, the next step in making ClickBank auto profits is to strategically implement your traffic-getting system.  I recommend picking up a good SEO course and studying it inside and out, then following it to the “T” for optimal results with the best form of traffic there is — FREE!

I’ve used search engine optimization exclusively to build my empire online, and I really wouldn’t recommend anyone experiment with paid traffic until you’re far more advanced.  Even then, it’s not required…

The name of the game with SEO is backlinks.  You want more high quality, topically relevant links coming into your money pages than your competitors.  More importantly, you’ll want to use an appropriate anchor text (the clickable words for a given link) for the keyword phrase you’re trying to rank for.

This helps signal to Google what the page on the other side of that link is all about, so it makes sense you’d want to help yourself out by telling them exactly what it’s about…

I like to mix my incoming links up as much as possible, with backlinks coming from articles, guest blog posts, web 2.0 properties, social bookmarking, social media, press releases, videos, RSS feeds and more.

Don’t stress if you haven’t the slightest idea on most of those link building techniques.  If you want to keep it simple and get started ranking your pages, you can’t go wrong with guest posting on high quality, topically related websites (like I’m doing right now)…

Once you bump your money pages up to the bottom of the first page in the Google search results, you’ll start to get ‘some’ traffic.  From here, you’ll probably need to start incorporating some of the more advanced linking tactics to work your way to the top position, which is where the REAL traffic (and therefore, money) is at.

After you’ve achieved this, it’s simply a matter of placing your affiliate link on your money page, making a strong call to action so your visitors click through to the affiliate offer… and viola, you’ll begin making passive profits around the clock by selling digital products on ClickBank.

Now, that was a very general overview, so I’ll be going more in-depth in later articles.  Hope you enjoyed this ClickBank Auto Profits review write-up, and I’ll be back with more of the how-to’s shortly.


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