passive niche profitsToday, I want to talk about how to earn passive niche profits online.  You’re probably wondering what exactly I mean by that term.

So let’s break it down quick…

Passive obviously means hands-free, meaning revenue that trickles in around the clock, without you having to actively trade hours for dollars.  Don’t get me wrong, there will be some initial work involved, but once your “money stream” is set up — if done correctly — it truly can be passive income.

Next, niche refers to a sub-category of a market.  For example, health and wellness could be considered a market, whereas fat loss would be a niche contained within that market.  We can break things down even further into sub-niches, such as fat loss for women over 40…

When trying to earn passive revenue online as an affiliate marketer, it’s critical to select a profitable niche that’s associated with a select sub-group of people that are likely to purchase the products you’re trying to sell.

Without this specificity, you’ll find it incredibly difficult to ever convert leads into sales.

Believe me, I found out the hard way when I worked my butt of for 6 months to get 2,000 visitors to my site each and every day — only to find out that I couldn’t hardly give stuff away for free, let alone make consistent sales.

Passive Niche Profits — Lesson Learned!

After learning this valuable lesson, I decided to really hone in on specific niches, where prospects in those niches had a major problem they were looking to solve (or obviously, a product they desperately wanted to buy).

Once you fully grasp this concept, it becomes much easier to begin making passive profits on the Internet.

For someone who’s just starting out, I’d recommend selling physical products through Amazon.


Because there are endless niches to enter into, giving you an opportunity to select some products that are laser-targeted to a niche that’s hot and bothered and ready to buy.

When you’re targeting BUYERS, you don’t need near as much traffic to generate commissions.  This is key, as traffic is hard to come by.

Consider that my six figure passive niche profits bonus tip.  Seriously, it may sound simple, but targeting the right products for the right niche, using the right keywords… is responsible for all of my success online.

It’s really as simple as that.  The rest, as they say, is just details.

So, having said all that… here’s your homework for today.  First, set up an Amazon affiliate account if you don’t already have one.  Just Google search ‘Amazon affiliate program’ and it should be the first result.

Next, thing about niche markets you’re knowledgeable and passionate about.  Then, browse through Amazon’s ginormous site and find hot selling products that prospects within that niche are hungry for.

I like to select products that have lots of positive reviews, as this will definitely boost conversions when you send traffic to the order page.

Jot down some notes on a handful of products that seem promising.  Ideally, you’d want a price point of at least $50 and up, as this will be more worthwhile in terms of commission potential.  Sometimes, you’ll find great products that sell for thousands of dollars (hint:  think electronics)…

In the next passive niche profits affiliate marketing article, I’ll discuss more of those ‘details’ I mentioned earlier, on how to go about turning this game plan into an actual reality.

Stay tuned for part deuce of my step-by-step passive niche profits tutorial.



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