4 years ago when I was introduced to the online money making opportunities by a totally unknown person who is now a very good friend of mine (guess why?) I had no ideal how that goes but since there is a chance to supplement my then meager income, I had nothing to lose so I got started. I read through every single information that promises to enable me make more than what I was then earning.

Then I thought that I was not an internet techy and that how on earth am I going to compete with millions of naturally talented geniuses all over the world to get to the first page of Google? I was then not so confident in myself. Anyway I decided to give it a try and after a few months give everything up if I judge that it was all an effort wasted. When I made my first $39.98, after 4 months, it was as if I have won a million dollar lottery.

I realized that in order to rank higher on the search engines, you need tons of back links to your website and each link containing the keywords you intend to rank for.

I was overzealous and blogged, wrote articles, commented on every blog whether the content is related to my niche or not, signed up in a number of forums with my signature containing my keywords only to be banned for spamming. What does this mean? If your links are removed due to spamming, not only will your ranks drop but you will be marked as a spammer and nobody will ever accept you.

I learnt my lesson and began to do things the way they should. Be natural. Naturally growing links to your site will do you a lot of good. It is not natural for a new site to get thousands of backlinks in a matter of 2 days. Does that look natural to you? This is one thing to take into account.

If you go natural back linking, write quality articles that will make your visitors to come back for more and of course don’t be overzealous as I was but let things be natural, you have no reason to fear whether Google or any other search engine will punish your efforts.

Now . While some article submission directories discarded or modified their submission guidelines after the Google Panda update for fear, some still thrive. Why? Maybe a visit to an article titled News And Developments may shed a ray of light.



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