Instant Affiliate Paydays ReviewInternet marketing is a fantastic way to make money and earn a living on your own terms but there are some unique pitfalls to this lifestyle.  Instant Affiliate Paydays is an online course designed to help people start their own online business. One downfall that plagues a lot of solid affiliate marketers is not having a 100% secure monthly income.

There can be a lot of fluctuation within how much you make each month that can depend on things like the amount of traffic you receive and then conversion rates can change and shift around. A lot of marketers are looking for a way to make their base income as solid and regular as possible.

Probably the best way to achieve this is by promoting products that have a continuity aspect. This just means something that is recurring. A lot of products out there are starting to catch on to this type of marketing. The offer a lower or reduced entrance price for a product and then offer an upsell that would include a monthly recurring fee.

This helps get people into their offer in the first place, sort of like offering a freebie with list building, and then they will try and get those people to join a monthly club or membership site where they will be able to access new and updated information as long as they keep paying.

Within the training there is more information on how this works and the best ways to take advantage of products and promotions that offer monthly income from continuity customers.

The reason this works so well for both the product owner and the affiliates is that there will be more stability. Sure, some will cancel over time, but then new people would be taking their place if you are continuing to drive traffic. So this really is the best way to provide that stability.

The key is to making sure the membership provides real value that the customers couldn’t imagine giving up their monthly membership.

This idea of recurring income is not only unique to internet marketing. Even local, brick and mortar, type businesses experience these fluctuations. It really is just the result of being a business owner. There is not guaranteed “hourly wage” promised to you in business.

That is why hard work and dedication are essential to making your online business a success because you have to keep building and growing. Some things get easier over time and then maintenance is the only thing required. So having something with built in residual income is a really solid way to help remain at a certain monthly income.

Brad Campbell is an affiliate marketing coach.  Check out his post for more details on this particular system.


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