As an affiliate marketing coach, my students often ask me if they should be promoting physical products off a site like Amazon or digital products off a site like ClickBank

So let’s take a look at the battle of these two affiliate network giants and see who reigns supreme…

ClickBank Auto Profits vs Amazon Auto Profits

First up, here’s why I love promoting digital products off ClickBank:

  1. ClickBank has been around for a long time, and they are extremely reliable — you never have to worry about their tracking software not working or not getting paid on time.  Additionally, their customer support is top notch.
  2. ClickBank is the “go to” network for selling digital goods — and selling digital goods allows you to make some really nice profits because there is virtually no overhead involved with products of this sort.Think about it… whether the vendor sells one copy of an eBook or 10,000 copies, his or her costs don’t really change.  Because of this, the vendor can afford to pay you (the affiliate) a much higher percentage of the total profits.  In the end, the vendor recruits more hard working affiliates to promote… the affiliates make more… and the vendor still sells more… it’s a true win-win situation.

    Expect to make around 50% commissions (and up to 75% in some cases) when selling through ClickBank, while you start out at a measly 4% when promoting as an affiliate via Amazon.

  3. ClickBank has a really smooth tracking system that’s up-to-the-minute in terms of sales generated and only a few hours behind in terms of clicks, conversions and such.  This makes it so nice to monitor your progress each and every day — and you don’t have to wait until the next day to see if you made any sales.  Amazon, on the other hand, only has next day reporting and I find their data to be very confusing and hard to assess.
  4. Longer cookies are recorded and kept with ClickBank.  In other words, after you send a prospect to any sales page, ClickBank records the fact that YOU sent ‘em there and will give you credit if that prospect buys any time within the next 60 days.  This is huge, as Amazon only has a 24-hr cookie.

There are many more reasons why I love promoting digital products to earn , but those are the main ones that really make a huge difference.  Now, let’s look at the benefits of promoting physical goods through Amazon:

  1. Making auto profits through Amazon ‘may’ be slightly easier, since you’ve got the ability to niche-down and promote literally ANY physical product that could be sold online.  There are so many avenues to go down, which allows you to find something with low competition.ClickBank, on the other hand tends to be highly competitive, as that’s where most affiliate marketers get their start.  And when selling digital products, there are less niches that sell well… so in the end, it seems like thousands of affiliates are all battling it out over the same couple of niches.
  2. Amazon’s reputation speaks for itself.  And the traffic you’re sending to their sales page(s) knows this too.  Why is this important?  Simple — conversions!  People trust Amazon, and this leads to good conversions, as prospects feel confident they are purchasing goods through a highly reputable company.
  3. Cross-sells.  One unique aspect that’s super cool about affiliate marketing with Amazon is that you get credited for anything the traffic you sent ends up buying from Amazon.  You’d be surprised at how many random items you get commissions for…As an example, I’ve sold products like eye cream when I sent traffic to Amazon directed at buying baseball bats.  Now, how does that work?  I don’t know, but I’ll take it…
  4. Amazon also gives you the ability to increase your payouts based on performance.  So, if you start selling more items, you can climb from 4% on up to 6% commissions and even higher.  This helps of course, but I still far prefer the hefty 50% to 75% commissions on ClickBank.

So there you have it… the highs and lows of selling digital and physical products on either ClickBank or Amazon, respectively.

You’re probably still wondering who I’d give the nod to, right?

Well my answer is simple:  no one wins… not ClickBank, not Amazon, not digital, nor physical…

I say it’s ALL good, and I highly encourage you as an affiliate marketer to jump into both avenues.  After all, both methods have unique advantages that you should capitalize on.  And it’s always good to diversify your Internet business and build multiple streams of passive income.

I’ll have more Amazon and ClickBank Auto Profits bonus blog posts in the days to come…


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