clickbank auto profits bonusThere is a lot of buzz going on lately within internet marketing circles about all the updates Google makes to their algorithms.  It is a topic that confuses a lot of people and can even scare new marketers away without the proper description.

This should not be a scary thing for Clickbank auto profits users or anyone else who is out there doing quality, whitehat marketing.  So let’s look at what this means and how it can affect marketing strategies.

In a nutshell Google and all the other search engines have certain criteria that they use to determine what should show up when someone does an internet search.  I mean that is the bottom line, basic as can be description.  All the search engines are competing to win their share of internet users to get them to use them as their primary search engine.

Google is obviously number one and they fight hard to stay there.  So if they go delivering bad content and garbage to their users they know they will not stay on top for long.  For this reason they put a lot of effort and energy into making sure they rank good quality stuff on top and filter out the spammy, crappy stuff.

This is good for internet users but not always good for marketers.

The reason this could affect marketers is that they might have worked to get a site of their to the top, whether as a product owner, an affiliate, or to promote CPA activities, etc only to have a algorithm change come along and wipe them off their page.  Some call this being sandboxed.

Your content is still out there somewhere but buried pages and pages deep in the ranking and the chance of exposure is zilch.

Avoid the Google “Sandbox”

Personally I take a different look at this, rather than run around in a tizzy when things change I just look at it as Google doing a little cleanup work.  In most cases if you are a straight up marketer and you are doing things properly in the first place you should not have to worry too much about these changing trends.

You can keep working and know that your material is safe and most likely your rankings will stay the same or maybe get even better once some of the garbage is removed.

Also… if people would stop trying to take shortcuts (hello autobloggers…) to build their business there would be a lot less spam and duplicate content and other type of crap out there and the updates and changes would probably come a lot less frequently.  People are abusing the system and then crying when they get slapped by Google.

This is why the best advice is just to be real, work hard for your money, pay your dues.  And if you choose to follow coaching and courses like those found in the Clickbank auto profits bonus you will not have to worry about these things because you will have everything set up properly from day one of your business.

Overall do not give in to the Chicken Little’s out there crying that the sky is falling every time Google mixes it up.  Just take it as a lesson to keep plodding along, helping people and delivering quality content that people will actually appreciate.

If you have this mindset then your business goals will line up with what Google and the other search engines are trying to accomplish and it will just make it that much easier and not feel like a fight.

Best of luck!

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