From a digital poster, digital menu board or an outdoor digital signage solution, these are now in the reach of all businesses, so they can use the latest in advertising methods to attract more customers.


In this current economic climate, businesses are competing for every single order to stay in business, now imagine using an advertising medium that keeps your organisation in the forefront of your prospects mind, using the latest in digital technology, this is achievable.


Do businesses have to be well healed to afford these solutions?


The answer is no, as there are solutions that are available at very different price breaks, let us look at the different types of digital advertising hardware that will add impact to any business, no matter how large or small.


Digital poster.

This is a commercial screen usually manufactured by either Samsung or LG and has a media player built in to the rear of the screen, running the ads from a memory card, the formats this type of media player and memory card can support is JPG (images), MPEG4 (video) and MP3 (audio). Dynamic advertising content can even be in the format of Flash (this is the best type of digital advertising) and can be integrated into the digital poster using a file converter with little if any less of quality, all updates have to be done manually using the USB connection on the media player.


This range of digital poster comes in sizes from 17” to 40”.


These are being deployed in professional organisations such as lawyers, accountants and even letting agents promoting their full range of services from investments to their portfolio of properties that are available to let.


Digital menu board.

Normally linked with restaurants, these are available in sizes from 32” to 65” and have two options for updating the content, the first is the old standalone media player with the obvious drawbacks (that someone has to go to each media player to carry out the update). The other option is a digital poster that has a built in hard drive from 160GB and comes with RJ45 network connection for connecting to either a wired or wireless internet link so that the content can be updated remotely, making them ideal for larger digital signage networks.

The other advantage with a digital menu board is that the screen can be split for marketing multiple items on once screen, making them ideal for restaurants for marketing single sandwiches and up selling to meal deals all on one screen.


Outdoor digital signage.

Well whenever you put any electronics outdoors they need some kind of protection, so you have to consider the range of protective LCD enclosure, these allow standard commercial indoor screens to be used externally in almost any weather condition as the TV housing provides all the protection needed. Alternatively, you may wish to invest in an outdoor kiosk that can either be interactive (with a touch screen) or non touch, the choice is yours. Usually used by larger corporations that can afford the investment such as football clubs.


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