Obviously working from home and having your own business is a very cool way to make a living. However nothing is perfect and there are always trade-offs for everything in life.

The internet marketing business is no exception.

Let’s look at some common pitfalls that can derail people when working for themselves and how to avoid them.

First point is that while working at home does solve a lot of problems (commutes, expensive work clothes, meals out, etc) there are some problems too. Mainly that it can get a little isolating to be locked in your home office all day with no one else to talk to.

At most jobs there is a certain level of interaction whether with customers or co-workers or both (not that this is always a good thing…) but when working from home alone most of the day you can get a little lonely and a little stir crazy and this can really hamper productivity.

The best solution is to get plugged into a group of other internet marketers whether in the form of a mastermind group or just being an active participant on a blog or forum it can help you feel less alone.

However you have to guard this social time and make sure that it does not take up too much of your time. I also think it is helpful to have a set time that you are “off the clock” and have regular social time with family and friends to help balance out work life.

Don’t let yourself spend 12 hours alone and then have just enough energy for dinner, a TV show, and then bed just to wake up and do it all over again seven days a week. It’s just not a healthy life work balance that way.

Secondly is to stick to the daily tasks. Usually internet marketers have a creative tendency and the brainstorming side of the brain is forever switched on. This is a really positive trait but it can also tend to lead to a bit of an ADHD workday.

A little here and a little there will add up eventually but it is so much more efficient to tackle one thing at a time and to do a really good job at each task not do passable at 100 tasks.

Lastly don’t let the naysayers get the best of you and give in to self doubt. Internet marketing has been around for awhile now but it still kind of has an underground feel to it in that not many people know other internet marketers in their everyday life.

When you go to forums and things it seems like there is an overwhelming number of people in this industry but when you really think about it, the number is still a small portion of the population.

And because it is kind of foreign and even has a bad rap (the hype-y, spammy stuff that everyone hates whether in internet marketing or just the average Joe who gets an avalanche of junk mail each day) this can lead many to be highly skeptical or downright critical when you tell them what it is you are doing to make a living.

Do not let this get to you or make you question your business. Just use it as fuel to prove the haters wrong (related: don’t hate the playa) and be successful. This is also tied to the first point in surrounding yourself with a mini-support group of people in the same mindset.

It’s a crazy jungle out there on the net so hopefully these tips can help in your journey.

Brad Campbell is a mentor who offers in-depth step-by-step training for aspiring Internet marketers.


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