One of the greatest threats of using the internet at home or in a public area is hackers and cyber criminals snooping on your data. Many laptops and tablet devices fail to prevent simple methods that criminals will use to watch your internet usage.

How do Cyber Criminals watch my internet usage?

Many of the free public wifi hots-pots are setup by private individuals and businesses in good faith, such as a cafe or an airport. Hackers can overtake these networks so that all data that you enter into your browser, (such as internet banking passwords & logins) can be stolen. Other free public hot-spots are setup directly by cyber criminals to collect your private data.

Why do they do it?

Many cyber criminals will profit by selling your private information such as credit card details, logins and email addresses on the black market. Even worse, some will use information collected about you to bribe, blackmail & extort you.

How to prevent people from snooping on your internet usage.

There are a variety of ways to help prevent cyber criminals from monitoring your internet usage.

- Installing & regularly updating your Virus protection & Firewall

Many virus protectors & firewalls will offer protection from cyber criminals upto a certain degree, although many struggle with protecting devices such as tablets and smartphones. Many companies offer a cut down version of their firewalls for free, but a paid firewall should cost between $20 & $100.

- VPN (Virtual Private Network)

A high quality VPN service will offer you a third party level of protection. With a VPN you are required to securely login to your ‘internet stream’ which provides you with a fast, secure & encrypted browsing experience. It may sound technical, but it is surprisingly easy and shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes to initially setup for a novice user. is regarded as one of the best vpn providers in the world as they put every users privacy above everything else & have fantastic customer support. Most decent virtual private networks will cost between $15 & $50 a month, remember don’t settle for the cheapest – settle for the best!


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