It appears that many sites are reporting that they have been hit positively and negatively with ranking changes. The changes are being attributed to a new update on the now legendary ‘Panda’ changes made in late February.

The original Panda update was apparently meant to weed out those sites that weren’t ‘original’ or of particular value to the reader. i.e. Autoblogs and the like of republished content. It is also said that it was aimed at those sites strictly built for adsense. So larger sites such as EzineArticles and eHow were hit hard.

Now I do not profess to be a professional in what the hell Google are doing but they are clearly ad-hocking the task of the search results they’re delivering. This is a trial by error way of running the Internet and webmasters are facing the brunt of it.

Some sites that were sitting pretty on the first page are now estimating that they have dropped several if not numerous pages backwards since Monday night. I have a particular insight into this and have been told that some sites have been de-valued as much as 75% of their traffic. Now that’s a hit to profit margins.

The advice is to sit tight and ride it out for a few days, this being the second day, and not to go mad in building links from easy to gain sources such as web 2.0′s etc. My first inclination actually.

If your site has quality content it should resume it’s positioning in the market seems to be the word coming from some quarters, but we have heard all this before, and for those with already exisiting quality content this is even more baffling.

The men from Google are definitely tweaking things it seems as loads of webmasters are all over forums complaining of the same deal. What is going on is all most want to hear. It seems that only time will tell and that those affected have a waiting game on their hands. But the question is to wait or to continue in the same vain? I personally would make sure my site is super-tight prior to anything else.

What are your thoughts please post them below, have you been positively or negatively affected since Monday night?



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