Internet or the network of computers across the globe was discovered in the early 1960’s but it started popularizing in 1990’s and finally becoming a must for each individual with the advent of broadband technology. There was a significant increase in use of internet after 2000 as it became necessary for individuals and business to be online.

Earlier when there were dial up connections it used to take a long time to get your work done and so many people avoided it. When broadband technology came into existence there was a buzz for the high speed internet and there was a random increase in internet usage with users multiplying day by day.

Broadband as social hub

When users started multiplying then things on internet also started growing as it became a social hub and the best market place for business. Everything started coming online like banking, ecommerce, support, etc. With broadband at its peak banking was really affected. Earlier users feared to have online transactions due to slow speed of internet and less reliability of secured and successful transactions but after Bredbånd came into existence Banking sector entirely came online.

Mobile Broadband Technology

Another remarkable change in internet technology was when Mobile Broadband came into existence. This invention was by the mobile service providers who discovered that since they already have a market captured and if they can only get high speed internet to people with their services they can boom. This lead to the invention of mobile internet but it was very slow in the beginning. Still it was useful as people could access internet anywhere and anytime just from their phone.

3G Mobile Broadband

It was such a buzz among people that it gradually became a necessity to have high speed internet on mobile phones too so that people could do secure and successful transactions in banking online to save their time and efforts. This brought in the latest 3G Mobile Broadband technology. Now users can do anything and everything just from their Mobile Broadband service, they do not require a pc or a laptop for it. Not all service providers provide this service now but yes it would be dominating the market very soon and every provider will have to land up with the 3G Mobilt bredbånd to stay back in the market.


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