Many think that buying .edu links will improve their rankings in web search engines.  This is because edu links are often more highly rated by the search engines themselves.  This, they believe, will lead to a higher authority score being endowed through each link to the target site to increase their web ranking presence.  Then they go about purchasing these links through profile pages and blog posts.  These strategies are very diluted in their value for several big reasons.

Profile pages:  These pages are computer generated pages at their worst.  For each profile page, there are a few links typically to non-related content.  Further, these are profiles that are generated on a non-descript page that though it may be crawled, has no authority what so ever.  No one visits these pages naturally.  They were created on a forum that a college webmaster forgot about, graduated, and has slipped into internet oblivion.  These are long lost pages into oblivion.  If you were ever looking for a great forum about penis enhancement, payday loans, and direct tv, this would be the place.  Otherwise, the internet stays clear of these places.  No one visits and the Search Engines take notice.  Just because there is a .edu in the middle does not mean anything.  Zero times a billion is still zero.

Blog pages:  Blog links maybe a good strategy in some places.  Blogs that have followed links, however, are a rare commodity.  Even rarer are the blogs with followed links that have not been exploited by one thousand Indian click farm SEOers.  Seriously, if you have a blog that has followed links, it will be spammed until your server can not generate a page in less than a minute.  I have seen pages with no fewer than 1000 comments from gravitars all saying ‘cul page dude -paydayloan’.  Lets say the first 10 comments are actually crawled by google’s bot.  What good are the next 1000 comments?  Not much.  These pages, by in large, are also complete internet garbage.  Save yourself $5 and buy an ice cream cone.

If you are looking for edu links that are not garbage, then you should find links that provide juice.  These are pages that are not machine generated or spammed to oblivion that are carefully curated and managed.  Do yourself a favor and do not be penny wise but pound foolish.


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