If you are going to Mauritius whether on holidays or on a business trip, you will no doubt want to connect to the Internet at one point. Indeed, as much as you may want to go without the Internet if you are merely in holidays in Mauritius, our current world makes that almost impossible. It is quite necessary that you will at one point need to go online to perform a task. Obviously, these Internet facilities will often be provided by your hotel or any other Mauritius accommodation, but this is not always the case.

Moreover, if you want to set up a business in Mauritius, it obviously becomes essential to know about the various telecom services in the island. Whatever the type of business you may wish to set up in the popular Indian Ocean island, it is a fact that you will need an internet connection for this purpose. As an example, if you wish to set up a villa or guesthouse in Mauritius, you will at one point need to set up a website to attract online leads. In such a case, you will thus need an Internet connection to check your online bookings as well as emails.

Contrary to popular belief, there is not a single telecom service in Mauritius. This can often come as a shock to many people as it is all too common to think that there is only one telecommunication services provider in the island due to its extremely small size. However, there are a couple of alternatives for anybody to choose from.

The first such company is also the biggest provider in the island and goes by the easy name of Mauritius Telecom. With its headquarters in the capital Port Louis, Mauritius Telecom enjoys almost complete domination of the telecom landscape in Mauritius. With better speeds than its competitors and coverage over most of the island, most Mauritians often instantly choose Mauritius Telecom services when they need to subscribe to mobile or Internet services.

Mauritius Telecom is also often criticized for several reasons. The major criticism is the fact that its Internet packages are often slower than advertised and quite expensive. Their support is often also blamed as they do take a long time to address issues, especially when it comes to the Internet connection. However, because Mauritius Telecom is still better than its competitors, it is now almost the de facto telecom service in Mauritius until another company can effectively challenge it.

The second telecom provider is Emtel, which also provides mobile and Internet packages. However, the connection speeds are often lower than those of Mauritius Telecom and they thus have a lot to do to catch up. However, they do also offer great packages which are becoming increasingly popular with Mauritians fed up with the quality of service provided by Mauritius Telecom. Consequently, their number of subscribers has been steadily increasing over the recent years.

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