The fiber optic technology is an important subject matter relative to telecommunications. This is the mechanism that utilizes light to transmit digital signals and commands to its proper destination through the use of some optical cables. These fiber optic cables are thin glass wires that are made from one hundred percent optical glass. The principle of light reflection is what makes this technology work.

There are at least two kinds of fiber optic cables that are important in the telecommunications industry: the lit fiber cable and the dark fiber optic cable. The lit fiber is the fiber optic cable that is active and is currently working. It has light signals traveling through its tiny wires inside it. The dark fiber, on the other hand, is the unlit or unused part of the fiber optic cable. Sometimes the term may also refer to those which are not used by the owner but which are leased out or sold off for others to utilize.

The definition of dark fiber and its comparison with the other kinds of fiber optics have become necessary because of the significant developments that the telecommunications industry has been undergoing.

In the past, the dark fiber portion of the telecommunications companies assets was not being sold for profit because it would amount to folding and selling practically the entire business. However, the production of fiber optics in general has been abundantly carried out and so today, it has already become a part of the retail trade. The late 1990s has defined the superfluity in the fiber optics production.

The unused part of the cable is now considered a fortitude that can provide big benefits for the system especially when plans for future development are being mapped. The largest advantage that can be derived from this is practicality.

As in all other business endeavors, your vision is to be able to create great expansions in the future. Hence, it can be a practical move to prepare for it even as early as the commencement phase of your company. Proper network engineering is the key to making this endeavour succeed. A properly-engineered network includes a number of dark fibers in its initial installation. This is to allow future expansions at a reduced cost.

It must be emphasized that additional fiber optics will entail another start-up cost. You will need to apply again for another permit from authorities. A few more loads of fiber optic cables should again be necessarily ordered and purchased. Now even if the additional cables will crowd much of your space, with the incorporation of dark fibers during the initial stages, all these shall be dispensed with. The cable will then be set and ready for growth and expansion. All that will be needed is a little tweaking to connect and activate.

The technology functions today as a practical support for future business development. It enhances growth and it serves as a backup in case of trouble with any of the lit optic fibers. Dark fibers have now become important in fiber optic technology especially since telecommunications has been constantly developing over the years


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