Important Terms Prepaid Calling Customers Must know

Prepaid phone card is a card that is used to make long distance calls. It can be used by calling an access number, which is either a toll free number or a local telephone number, then you will be asked to provide the personal identification number and the phone number you wish to call. An automated voice will then tell you the amount of time left on your card and gives you other info. Prepaid phone cards aka prepaid calling cards and the prepaid international calling cards are fast sellers online and from the retail stores, supermarkets etc. These prepaid calling cards have a lot of advantages with them.

Before buying a prepaid phone card, consumers must definitely read and understand the terms and conditions of the card. Here are some things you need to consider.

Connection Charge - If the prepaid phone card has a fee charged for the connection, then that amount will be removed from the number of calling minutes that are available in the card. However, these days to attract the consumers the calling companies are offering cards without a connection charge. Still you need to look at the fine print whether your card has a connection fee or not. The amount might be deducted from your account if your phone call goes into voice mail or to a wrong number.

Maintenance fee - Maintenance fee is another fee that will be charged on your prepaid calling card on weekly, biweekly or on a monthly basis. However you card will not be charged with maintenance fee if you use the full value in a week, fortnight or in a month’s time.

Local Access Number - Local access number is the number you have to dial in order to access the service offered by the prepaid calling card. You will receive more number of minutes when you access the prepaid phone using local access number than when you use a toll free number to access the service.

Validity and Expiry - Different companies prepaid phone cards have different policies for the validity and expiry. Validity might vary from 3 months of purchase of the card to a year from the last usage of the card.

There are dozens of companies that sell prepaid calling cards hence it is a tough task for the consumers to pick the right one. So, do a simple math by comparing the number of minutes you get for money you pay.

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