Founders of HP Network are Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. These two people laid the foundation of this network in the year 1939. Now-a-days, the HP network is present in 170 countries and is also very popular in all these countries. The yearly income that this network provides to its owners has been found to be about $110 billion. HP network is involved in a lot of functions, with manufacturing, novelty, services and advertising the latest goods being the most prominent ones.

There are two ways of advertising goods either directly or via partners. There are many areas in which these partners need to be qualified so as to enhance the popularity of HP network. These areas include knowledge about various goods, their appropriate advertising strategies, business values and ethics and many others as well. Being educated in all these areas ensures better profits for the network as well as maintenance of the network’s decorum. HP network has been very firm in these training areas because they are going to enhance the fame of HP network. For this purpose, several trainers and programs have been introduced by the network. HP Partner Fundamental Program is one such program. Another program is HP2-E19.

Various Hp goods like PSG, IPG and Plotter along with several technologies like ESS and services are included in the HP Partner Fundamental Program. This test includes 45 to 50 questions that must be done within one hour. 73% are the passing marks for this program. Moreover, smart portal, HP Certifications program and sales master class are the other important parts of this HP Partner Fundamental Program.

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Online institutes are the most remarkable part of this program, from where candidates can attain knowledge as well as training for passing in this program. These institutes provide questions and circumstances that are similar to the original ones. Resultantly, the candidates have a chance to check their preparation in a simulated environment. Free online books are also available for the guidance of the candidates. Online courses are also available. If you want to pass this examination, then you must have a blend of all these helping sources with you.

Only then will you be able to attain the maximum standardized marks. Furthermore, if you have the skills of advertising your products efficiently, then you are at an advantage as compared to other people giving the exam with you.


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