How Twitter can Increase Website Traffic

Social networking in relation to cheap business advertisement is essential, in this articlewe are going to help those of you who want to use twitter for business, but do not fullyunderstand its value to your business.
For those of you that do not know of Twitter then here is a little description; Twitter is asocial networking site, which allows you to send one message to a multitude of people. To send messages to these people they need to be ‘followers’, which means they have activelyclicked to follow your ‘updates’.

To be followed on Twitter firstly you need to sign up to the website. Your next step shouldbe to follow your friends, and make sure they follow your company. Then start to followother like minded people/business, you will find that if you follow other people or businessthen they may also follow your company. The more followers you have the more confidencepeople will have with your business. Write gripping tweets (A tweet is the message youwrite on your Twitter home page, which can be up to 140 characters) is another way toensure that you have as many followers as possible, business that have dull answers oftenhave few followers.

Twitter will be more of less effective depending on the nature of the site. For example, if you owned a voucher code site it would normally generate a high ctr. A site on the other half would normally not achieve much a high response unless the twitter followers were very targeted.
To build ‘followers’ to your twitter page you can:
• Include your Twitter link at the end of your forum posts and business e-mails.
• Link your website to your Twitter profile.
• Write articles and submit them to article directories with a link to your Twitter profile.
• Get other Twitter users to market you, if you offer them the same service.
All the points above will increase your traffic to your Twitter profile page, where you have alink to your website; this will in turn build hits to your website, and some of these hits willconvert to sales.
When you start following people on Twitter you need to build a relationship of trust,friendship and mutual respect, before you start to promote your website. If an individualstarts following you, and your first tweet is about your website and your products, thenthey will know that you are just a business trying to sell; therefore, you could lose potential customers.
Other advantages of using Twitter to promote your website is; you can let people knowabout specials, promotions, giveaways or competitions your website/business is carryingout. Some companies even use Twitter for their customer service base, even thoughall ‘bigger’ companies should have a specialized email in place.
There are many benefits to Twitter, and the best thing about twitter is it is free to sign-upand promote, so any business you gain from Twitter is free. So get tweet-in!

Article written by UK Seo Consultant SEO Genius


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