Having recently traveled across the pond to the UK, I came back feeling gloomy as I knew I would not have access to the UK’s channel 4 Network, more like all the major local networks combined into one actually!

With so much technology available online, surely there had to be a way to stream live video feeds directly from the source onto any receiver, even a computer wired to the internet no?
This is the United States after all and, if I could not find one such application, I was sure I could outsource the development of such software to some unemployed or underpaid engineer in India for the price of a movie ticket!

Now, I am no charlatan, a capitalist maybe, but isn’t that what this country is built upon?

Long story short, what I thought would be a long and arduous search for software that would be able to stream some video content onto my PC turned out to be serious research and testing of the many software currently strewn all over the internet!

In short, you can now literally watch television on your computer, streaming well over 3500 cable channels with no monthly or setup fees!

If you think this is probably some cheap content streamed from the Bulkans or Russia on a 56k modem, and mostly porn, you’d be dead wrong!

This is high-definition, live content from all over the World! So crisp is the image I had to dump my cable company the next day… I kept their high speed internet connection though!

Now, the sad part about watching cable channels on any pc, is obviously the size of the monitor… imagine the whole family huddled around a desk as if searching for a morbid mosquito, all watching cable television on a 15 inch laptop monitor!

Perish the thought.

Good thing I have a flat screen, and these babies come standard with an hdmi and usb connection, plug your usb from the modem to the monitor, and Bob’s your uncle.

A friend of mine has one of those HP Smart Touch screen Desktop computers, 22 inches in all and this pc ic a mac copy cat, everything’s housed within the monitor and there’s no bulky tower case etc.

I had no idea you could mount these pcs (more like monitor really) onto the wall!

Before I get carried away and start sounding like a bible pusher knocking on your door on a Saturday morning to spread the good gospel, let me just add that, there’s a lot of software on the internet that will allow you to watch live streamed content online.

Word of caution though, most software come with monthly costs, some are sluggish when it comes to streaming real-time content, regardless of your internet connection.

You’d have to do your homework nonetheless. Whilst we have reviewed an extensive array of software that can show you , this is an ever expanding market.
The fact that cable companies continue to increase their monthly fees for their service, without any corresponding increase in their program delivery, hasn’t really helped much, because this has led to copy-cat software developers flooding the market with cheap TV streaming software.

For those on the market for such software however, it’s a buyers’ market, because most of this software comes with a money back guarantee, and you can choose software based on the international channels that tickle your fancy!

As an immigrant, and having lived abroad for a number of years, I cherish this TV on PC software, because it brings me closer to those Television programs I grew up watching as a teenager, and the memories these programs bring is simply, Priceless!


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