As mentioned in the topic, I have an easy solution to get rid of the autorun virus that affects almost all PCs and laptops. The autorun virus is harmless in nature as it is dormant most of the time but in reality it is the creator of Trojans and worms. They cannot be deleted by just pressing the delete button. They have to be infiltrated internally through the command prompt.
Ways to remove

There are many ways to remove the virus

  1. Delete it manually by going into the command prompt
  2. Use a creation of text file which you have to paste every now and then to your pen drive or flash drive.
  3. And the last method would be to download an antivirus program which vaccinates the USB automatically whenever it is inserted into your computer.

Antivirus for Autorun

Now since all of us have an antivirus program installed in our computers you might ask me, wouldn’t my antivirus detect it?

Let me tell you the bad news, NO, most of the antivirus programs will not detect it.

Except for some like ESET and NOD the rest will not detect the autorun as it is dormant and the antivirus is unable to detect it.

You can make a text file which is available on the net and every now and then you can keep pasting on every hard drive or pen drive that you insert into your computer manually. Or else you can risk getting your computer affected and later delete it manually. How to get rid of autorun virus?

The best idea

But let me tell you the sensible thing that can be done. Get a USB immunizer from the net and download it. It is completely free like Panda. Once you install them into your computer, there should not be any fear of autorun. The immunizer automatically detects a hard drive every time it is inserted and automatically injects in to it a text file which stops the spreading of the virus from the drive to the computer. As long as the text file remains in the hard drive you are safe from autorun virus and keep one thing in mind ‘Prevention is better than cure’.


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