I could summarise this answer in a single sentence, but it would probably be better to explain what the costs are, and why you should pay them.

First of all, I’m going to tell you NOT to buy the crazy expensive cables you see at department stores, because they’re no better than other great quality ones you can find for a third of the price. And even MORE importantly – never, EVER buy those cheap discount HDMI cables. YOu’ll be nothing but disappointed, as they degrade picture quality by adding whiteness and distortion to the screen, in the form of what looks like ‘sparkles’.

Sure, the cheap HDMI Cables look attractive, and the expensive ones look even more attractive (of course) – but with so much of a difference between the two prices, how do you know what they’re really worth?

The funny part is, you don’t want to buy either of the HDMI cables your salesman is offering you. You see, they only have those two extremes so they can trick you! They’ll stock the super-mega-premium cables at a super-mega-premium price, and they’ll have the thin, crap, wiry, useless looking HDMI Cables. They have these (utter trash) cables there, purely so that the salesman can explain to you that they really wont be up to standard, and he’ll probably give you some line like “I personally wish we didn’t sell these” – all to work you up to buying those big, fat, shiny HDMI Cable with gold connectors for around 8 times the price.

But what if you could tell that salesman to get screwed – what if you could tell him that you can get the same high quality HDMI cables online at a fraction of the price? Well you can. All you need to do is a few Google searches, and you’ll find some great at around $25 – about a fifth of what you’d pay for the same (or slightly less) quality in stores!

The price of the cable will depend a lot on the thickness of the cable. If you’re getting some cheapo thin 30 Guage wires, then it’ll be a useless $6 HDMI cable. Go to a thicker 28 Guage wire, and the thickness is much more suited to HDMI. For a 2m HDMI Cable of good quality, you can expect to pay around $20-$30 online – which is a fraction of the in store price.

If you want a good quality,  , you need to shop online.


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