If you’ve got a few entertainment or multimedia devices which you use on a regular basis, you may find yourself with more plugs than sockets!

It can all depend on your Television or Home Theatre Amplifier. Your television may have one, two, even up to four HDMI inputs on its back or side panel – having more than 2 inputs is always a bonus. If you’ve got a more recent, higher-end Home Theatre Amplifier, you may find that the amplifier will actually enable you to plug numerous devices into it, along with the TV, and switch all your devices (along with their sound) from one place.

…But what if you don’t have a fancy-pants television or Home Theatre Amplifier? How will you connect additional devices?

Most people have an average 2-input television, and a low-range amplifier at best. This will prove to be a bit of a problem when you own more than two HDMI devices. A simple solution to this is a HDMI Switch. One of these simple devices will allow you to connect up to 9 devices to a single television – depending on the model you choose. A vast majority of people select a 5-input HDMI switch, as this accommodates their current appliances, as well as leaving room for one or two more. Some technology junkies insist on a 9-input switch to make way for game consoles, computers, media boxes and DVD/Blue Ray Players.

There’s a huge selection though – it’s pretty hard to wade through them all to select the right one for your needs!

First and foremost, you should select one that is compatible with the devices you are going to use on it. There are many, many switches out there, but a lot of them are very low speed and therefore will not allow a 3D signal through. Some others are incompatible with PC-based Home Theatre systems. You’ve really got to do your research if you want to pick the right one.

A needs to be capable of at least a 1080p Full HD resolution – and you should really look for one that has a data rate of at least 3.4Gb/second. Most HDMI Switches will only perform at 1.8 to 2.5Gb/s, however it’s still possible to get a great High Speed HDMI Switch at a great price from a reputable .


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