Sometimes it can be difficult to select a quality HDMI cable for the right price. Retailers often use deceptive packaging and pricing to alter your perception about what could potentially be a pretty low quality cable.

You may find it hard to believe, but quite often HDMI cables of varying costs, brands, and “performance” are often all the same batch of cable. Retailers will have these HDMI cables shipped to them en masse, and they will then proceed to place them into packaging which is intended to deceive the customer. That means, the shifty retailer is taking cheap HDMI cables which are all the same cost price and quality, and then placing them all into different packages – some which indicate they’re the “premium” series or “x2000″ series, or something equally impressive. The rest are packaged in generic boring packaging, intended to make the customer believe that their quality is inferior to that of their “premium” line of cables.

Why would they do this?

Well, the answer is simple. Some people are dumb enough to fork out the big money for the HDMI cables which are supposedly higher quality. The salesman will of course point everyone to the most expensive option, and some people will of course just agree and take it. Other people will of course refuse to pay such a ridiculous price for a HDMI cable – surely they can’t cost that much! The people who refuse to pay such a ridiculous price obviously either have their wits about them, or they don’t have enough money for the “good” cable – no matter what happens, they’re not going to be buying the more expensive one.

The salesman is of course going to want to sell them something – even if it’s not the prime-deluxo cable which he’d make lots of commission off.

This is where the “cheap”, “unreliable” HDMI cables in the budget, boring packaging come into the picture. They’ll still make some profit off the customer if they buy the cheap HDMI cable in their shop rather than somewhere else, right?

And so the customer buys the , which is actually identical to the they may have been paying upwards of $100 for – for only $20.

Let’s hope you’re that customer – don’t be fooled!




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