So your Plasma TV has switched off for the final time, perhaps there was a loud pop, and a puff of magic smoke, there is no getting away from it, you’ll not be watching the Footy on it tonight. So you are left with the various choices from simply putting your hand in your pocket and:

  • Buying a new, no doubt expensive TV.
  • Contacting an Engineer to fix you TV.
  • Fixing the TV yourself.

Agreed the first option is the easiest, a quick trip down to the local electronics warehouse and its a done deal, a shiny new High Definition, all singing all dancing tele could be back at home within a couple of hours, but that’s the most expensive fix, and its not very green.

Using an experienced TV Engineer is a good choice, if you can find one, they are now few and far between because most of us choose option 1, mainly because the TV manufacturers that do actually supply parts to fix their problematic TVs do so at exorbitant prices? I mean come on, how can you sell a TV for £500 that when it goes wrong you sell the part that fails for £250? Highway robbery.

So, it’s the age old question, where do you go to find that elusive and otherwise expensive part you need to fix your now broken Plasma TV, one that will actually make it work again, perhaps for another 5 years, one that doesn’t cost you the earth to buy?

The answer is go for a used or second hand part?

There are now quite a number of enterprising companies who will sell you a TV part removed from a broken TV, one that’s been tested, packed and placed on a website with images, details and in some cases repair and fitment instructions. One mans loss is another mans gain they say. Of course there is more than one supplier and everyone states they are an expert, but who should you actually visit for the part? Who will actually give you the help and assistance you require?

The oldest and most well known online is Fix My Plasma, you can visit their site here: TV Parts, they have been in operation since 2004 and have without doubt one of the most helpful customer service departments I have every encountered, they will even talk you through the fitment if required and if you’re up to it.

Another great supplier is Shop Jimmy, perhaps he’s not been around as long, but he sure does have an awful lot of TV Parts.

What about fixing the TV your self?

It’s not as hard as you might think, besides the obvious safety concerns that electricity has, for the most part solved my unplugging the set, you will find that you can fix the TV yourself. There are a multitude of self-help videos and guides on Youtube and the web, and of course the help section on Fix My Plasma. Your TV is built much like your PC, with only 6 or 7 printed circuit boards inside the set itself, each connected by a couple of cables.

Once you figure out which is the duff board, sometimes obvious, swapping it is all you need do. It often takes longer to remove the screws from the rear of the set to gain access than it does to actually swap the part. So, don’t just chuck it away, try and fix the beast, it could save you a lot of cash, and if you’re stuck then don’t forget, the worlds premier TV Parts supplier, they can help: .


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