Unfortunately, there is NO adapter that will let you play your 8mm, Hi8, or Video8 tapes on your home VCR. The only way to properly watch these particular tapes is to use the original camcorder and then hook it up to the television, or to buy a standalone 8mm tape deck. This has been a rising problem for people looking to convert their older tapes to a modern digital format, but no longer own the camera that the tapes were recorded onto.

Transferring video tapes to your computer or DVDs is a common trends in the last couple years. People have begun to realize that their old video tapes will not, in fact, last forever and that their precious memories are fading away as time goes on. Throughout the years, many of us have owned several different cameras and recording devices, with as many different kind of tapes.

One of the most common consumer tape format is the Video8, Hi8, or 8mm video tape. The tape was smaller and of much higher quality than the VHS counterpart. The only drawback of these tapes was trying to rewatch them. This is a common problem for people who are wanting to do a video transfer of the tapes to DVDs from the comfort of their own homes. People also will confuse 8mm tapes with VHS-C tapes, which actually do have an adapter to hook up to a VCR.

The easiest way to play your old 8mm, video8, or hi8 tapes today is to somehow get your hands on an old camcorder. If you can use the internet, you can generally find some great deals on older equipment from places like eBay or craigslist. If this kind of stuff is just way over your head, or you are running into technical problems, usually there are transfer facilities locally. These transfer facilities are experts at converting old media to modern formats, and can usually help you out, as they have transferred thousands of camcorder tapes to DVD over the years.



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