A lot of people out there are still undecided when it comes to upgrading from DVDs to Blu-Rays. The viewing public has, as yet, not passed verdict on the Blu-Ray format and for a lot of people there is not enough information to convince them that the upgrade is as important as changing from VHS to DVD was. Not only that but the format has yet to be as embraced by movie fanatics and tech enthusiasts in the same way that DVD was.

Despite the fact that Blu-Ray has been around for years and that High-Def TV’s are now all the rage, most consumers are still not ready to make the jump to Blu-Ray and have not bought into the argument that Blu-Ray is here for the long haul. Consequently most folks are just not ready to reinvest their hard earned money in a whole new format and re-purchase their entire movie collection. People rightly understand that it is an improvement, but they view that improvement as incremental, rather than revolutionary. Indeed most consumers believe that it is simply filling a temporary stopgap between the long running DVD format and the up and coming high-def downloads, seen by most experts to be the most likely next destination for the movie industry.

Nevertheless, for some there are good reasons to buy Blu-Ray. Should you go out to buy a movie that you don’t currently have within your collection then Blu-Ray is still the superior movie format. Were you to buy a Blu-Ray player that can also play DVD’s (and will also up-scale them) then you may as well pay the extra dollars and get the better quality format. The quality of Blu-Ray is indeed much, much better. Throw in a new sci-fi movie and your room will be transformed into a home cinema and you will be dazzled by the amazing sound and picture levels. Similarly with your old favourite westerns or black and white movies – you will be able to watch them in a whole new light. The images are more vibrant and the depth of field is degrees better. Blu-Ray certainly does dazzle.

However, for most people that is not enough and it is still worth holding on. DVD was a massive leap in comparison with VHS and DVD still looks good to this day. They also don’t degrade significantly over the years. They may not look quite as dazzling as Blu-Ray but they still look impressive. And for most consumers that is enough.

If you’re wondering what to do and having doubts about upgrading, it’s probably still worth waiting and see what happens with High-Def downloads.

James is a tech blogger and movie fan. He blogs about everything from Blu-Ray to surround sound and from movie streaming to  duplication services.


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