When it comes to buying a new television it really is a mind field out there, just take a look in your local electrical store and you will see row upon row of different makes and models of televisions.

For most people a new television really is a big investment and I would recommend that you spend some time researching the Internet and also going into an electrical store so that you can see the televisions on display for yourself.

TV’s really have changed over the last five years and if you are looking to upgrade your television for the first time in 10 years then you are really going to notice a difference. When starting out deciding on which television you should buy, you can become overwhelmed with the sheer choice!

To start with you would have to decide whether you want a Sony, Philips, Toshiba, Panasonic, or Samsung make for example, which are the biggest television manufacturers operating today, then you would have to decide what size television you wanted with televisions today ranging from 28 inches through to a massive 65 inches.

The next decision you would need to make is whether or not you want a plasma screen, an LCD screen, an LED screen, or at 3D television?

By now your head is probably in a spin,so here are some helpful tips on what to look for when buying a new flatscreen television.
A great piece of advice would be never to buy a television based on what the picture looks like in the shop. Where possible I would advise to view the television in a dedicated room which you will find in many of the leading electronic TV shops.

When it comes to the size of the television screen bigger is not always better and your choice of screen size should really depend upon where in your house the television will be placed and the size of the room. Although many of us dream about being able to stick a 65 inch mega flatscreen TV to our living room wall the reality is that even if we could afford one it would probably look ridiculous.
In fact the most popular screen size of the 32 inch models like the Samsung which is a fantastic television and one of the most popular models on the market at the moment in fact at the time of writing this television topped the bestseller list on many online stores. A 32 inch TV really is the perfect compromise in that it is big enough to be able to view HD and noticed the difference and small enough to fit in most average living rooms without looking like something from Star Trek.


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