Some discussions about HDMI Cables can get really heated…

We’ve all got a friend who’s bought a brand spanking new, shiny HDMI Cable from their local department store for a price you would never dream of paying. That’s right, around $150 for only 5 feet of cable. Is this even legal? It shouldn’t be. But then you have the other end of the scale. Another friend will tell you they picked up a perfectly good HDMI cable from a discount store for $8. Sure – it looks fine, doesn’t have any wires hanging out; and well….$9 sure is a good price when you’re comparing it to that crazy $150 cable!

Quality HDMI Cables

Quality, Metal Molded HDMI Cable

…But do they *really* do the same job?
If you’re running some pretty low end equipment, such as a BluRay player – and the HDMI cable length is less than 5 feet, a skinny $8 cable might do the trick. Don’t expect anything flash though. It probably wont handle 3DTV Signal, nor will it carry Ethernet. And of course, it’ll be made of plastic, so you wont want to bump or plug/unplug it too often. Of course, the $150 cable will most certainly do the job in the case, but surely we never need to spend that much!?

If you hunt around for just a little while on the Internet, it’s easy to find great quality, long lasting  HDMI cables at a great price. I’m talking a 5 foot cable for around $25 – and these cables are the same quality as the monsters you see with the $150 price tag!

When you’re searching online for , make sure to look for these features:

  • Fully molded metal plugs (they’ll last forever!);
  • Wire thickness of at least 26 Guage (you want thicker wire, and the Guage number goes DOWN as the thickness goes UP – 26-24 is FAT!.);
  • Triple shielding (usually foil, as well as tinned copper mesh);
  • Gold plated connectors (gives you maximum connectivity, and prevents corrosion).

It’s not too hard to find great priced HDMI cables on the internet – you just need to know what specs to look for. After a bit of a hunt, you can find some low priced, fantastic quality – and they usually arrive within 24-48 hours, so the wait isn’t too painful if you’re just a little bit patient.




  1. Harriett says:

    i bought my cables at wal-mart – i know i paid too much though :(


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