Technology has almost made our life simple and joyful filling it with entertainment at every second wherever possible. Gone are the days when children had to go in to the hot sun, away from their mother’s custody to play in the field. Technology has seen to it that they do not leave their mother’s custody and always are safe indoors.

The new fashion

Many technologies came up with gaming solutions for children and as well as adults. But now as time passes the fashion has the rule that small things are cute. And so in the market to fulfill all the necessary requirements from fashion to making a child stay indoors Wii U has entered into the market. It is to be launched on 2012 as per Wii U news.


Before Wii U it was Wii. It had some complaints which made it necessary to be updated and hence is the launching of its developed version.

Design features

The various parameters are

  • Length- 10.5 inches
  • Width- 6.8 inches
  • Height- 1.8 inches
  • 16:9 touch screen

It has internal flash memory. Any hard drive or USB can be inserted and used as the external memory is expandable. SD cards can also be used.

High definition

The new version has promised its gamers in the news that the video and graphics quality will be high and it will make the gamers to stick to the device all day long. And with high definitions comes the touch screen. This method makes the gaming experience more fun.

As per it can connect up to four people although they will have to take the help of Wii remote. But they are not sure as to whether it will be possible to synchronize more players which might need Wii U updates. Some people are of the view that since it is using the same remote system as Wii they might as well use the old version. But who knows when the system is out there will be some making the newer version conquer the older one.

Many famous game developers like EA have said that they will make the experience worthwhile.


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