What lies in wait for the future of humanity? Thinking about our destiny and the future is something that makes humans unique as a species on this planet, so it is not surprising that these are questions that have probably popped up in your mind at some point.

Something that has been unique in its advancement since the dawn of mankind is technology. From the Agricultural Revolution to the Industrial Revolution and even the Renaissance, technology has always played a part. It has led to the advancements in civilization and made the lives of human beings easier than what it was before.

Perhaps our advancements in genetic science and biotechnology will lead to a future where human beings have conquered disease and lead a life of little biological suffering. Indeed if one is to extrapolate this line of thought further it is not hard to presume that human beings may perhaps live forever. What impacts will this have on society? What will our children’s children think of those of us who live today?

Additionally perhaps the exponential increase in computing power according to Moore’s Law, may lead to a complete revolution in computers. One day will computers become smart enough to build better computers themselves? What will these super intelligent beings think of their dumb creators called humans? Will they respect our place in society? Treat us as pets? Or as merely a bug, which can be easily stepped on.

However as computers may take on biological traits, the question of the relationship between man and machine is raised. Where does the future of the interface between a person and their computer lie? If the technology exists, why would people not augment their intelligence with technology? Perhaps a computing implant that vastly improves human memory or implants that greatly improve the speed of our cognitive processes is not an impossible thing to eventually happen.

Yet despite all the questions raised, the ultimate question is what will happen to society in the future once a Universal Replicator is made. Will the inequality in resources in society finally be resolved? Or will it trigger the greatest of social upheavals and will we find ourselves on the brink of extinction?



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