Facebook is a popular social networking platform. However, you have to know that lot of information you share on the facebook can invite trouble for you.  Even a seemingly harmless thing like your friends list can make you go through hell.  Here are some other reasons you can get into trouble just because of facebook friend’s list.

facebook friends

  • Recovery Agency : Banks employ recovery agencies if the defaulter goes absconding the people from friends list are harassed to give them the person’s whereabouts. Banks have separate cells which use face book to befriend defaulters and then catch them at fake dates.
  • Recruitment Agency : They use face book friends list to find details of employees. Many times they infiltrate in your friends list using online social games or acquaintances to make you add them to friends list. Even before you are hired the recruitment agencies check up your background and one simple method is cross checking you on facebook friends list.
  • Corporate Companies : Corporate companies use the recruitment agencies to keep track if their employees are job hunting or passing on info.
  • Police / law enforcement agencies : They build a profile of a person using who are on their friends list or friends-friend list.

Why are you at risk?

  • Your company is keeping a watch on you. So in case of industrial espionage by any one from your friends list you can be booked for abating crime.
  • National threat : Just being on a friends list of a possible conspirator can get you behind bars without any hearing or warrant.
  • Your company would know well in advance before you land up a new job. They might go at length to thrown out before you join by a single post on your wall “ hey guys my interview at XYZ corporation was successful hope I get this job.”
  • You never know who has taken a loan from a bank or a loan shark. But what to do if these people start calling or threatening you if they don’t find that defaulter.

How to Protect yourself?

  • Remove all those gaming friends from your friends list. Its easy to infiltrate using them.
  • Unsubscribe to non necessary apps because you authorize them to collect and process your data.
  • Check for common names but you don’t know them. Especially unknown faces or people who have added film stars or cartoons or shadow in their profile. These are mostly moles of recruitment firms checking you and your friends out.
  • Change the default setting of face book which is vulnerable for information theft.

Dharmanath Fatarpekar, owner of Skyweb hosting services  recently went through a hell after AXIS bank in India used his profile to harass him to get the number of their defaulter just because he was on that persons friends list.


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