If someone can clear CCIE certification examination, then he is very much respected in IT industry. People consider this certification as equivalent to PhD in the field of networking. Anyone who can clear CCIE certification can become experts in more than one field of networking. You will find it very difficult to get any Exams preparation tips like any other IT certification exam, as there are very few people available who have cleared this certification.

Routing and Switching is the most widespread tracks of CCIE examination, however, there are many other tracks also present.  For example those who are network security experts can be certified as CCIE Security or those who are VoIP experts as CCIE Voice and so on.

There are number of other tracks like Wireless, Service Provider, Storage operation etc. Whichever track you may choose, one thing is certain that in order to get certified as CCIE, you have to go through real grueling preparation. Also there is much difficult on-site hands-on test which is delivered by Cisco.

Those who are CCIE certified can be extremely useful to their companies as they can help to get faster access to right support teams from Cisco. Top Recommended Exams by Experts are

In order to clear CCIE certification, here are few effective Exams preparation tips that can be really effective for the preparation.

CCIE Service Provider Written exam

CCIE Voice Written Qualification Exam

  1. For at least six to nine months you must be prepared to spend most of the day and even night to do hard work and study.  Just before a month of actual exam date try to be more dedicated and remain fully concentrated on your preparation.
  2. Since this is an expert level certification, it needs same amount of expertise too. So you have to work really hard. Visit Cisco’s website and learn about their products and also go through various books published by the Cisco Press.
  3. You must choose the CCIE track which suits you the most as per your interest and also relevant to your present network expertise. The tracks that are available are Voice, Security, Service Provider operation, Routing and Switching, Wireless and Storage.
  4. You choose your preferred track and try to clear written test to qualify for the track. The certification guides for most of the popular tracks have been published by Cisco Press, that you can easily buy.
  5. For the CCIE lab, you must choose a right kind of guide book which provides very comprehensive study materials.
  6. Try to understand and clear your fundamental knowledge as much as possible. For that you may watch any video or audio material available on demand, you can also practice individual technologies.  One of the important Exams preparation tips is to watch the video or listen to audio during leisure time. It can give you very good kick-start in your CCIE preparation.
  7. You can also reinforce all your theoretical knowledge by doing number of exercises on multi protocols by referring the book on lab practice.
  8. You can also reinforce your advanced knowledge by attending “CCIE Boot camps” classes which usually lasts for a week and very useful to fill the various gaps during your preparation.
  9. Try to polish your knowledge by troubleshooting some of the complex lab exercises that you have with you.
  10. 10.  Finally you can attend some of the specialized training classes about “Lab Experience” which are offered to provide you real hands on experience.

By following above ten Exams Preparation Tips you can certainly become one of the Exclusive members of CCIE certified experts. There are only 20,000 numbers of CCIE experts in all over the world and only 1500 people have obtained CCIE certificate in multiple tracks.


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