Now that the world economy is improving day by day, one topic that everyone is interested in is IT Certifications demand 2011. Top companies have been hiring IT certified candidates and every other person wants to know which IT certification can earn them a fortune and help them boost their career.

The IT certifications that fall in the hot category in 2011 include cloud computing that is architecture and virtualization, security certifications etc. If you choose a proper certification course as per the IT Certifications demand 2011, it will certainly help you to get a drastic rise in your paycheck.

You can consider certifications from top companies such as Microsoft, Checkpoint, CISCO, VMware etc. as highly valuable.

Various IT certifications for Better Career Prospects

  • Microsoft offers a number of certification courses, from MS Office Specialist certification to Microsoft Certified Solution Developer (MCSD) and Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE).
  • CISCO offers a range of networking certifications which help you understand networking concepts.
  • Security certification courses such as CISCO Certified Security Professional (CCSP), Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP), Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), etc fall in the hot category. Even during economic crises, this is one IT area that has remained in good demand.
  • Cloud computing certifications such as VMware Certified Professional (VCP), Certified Virtualization Expert (CVE), Red Hat Certified Virtualization Administrator (RHCVA), etc. will also have a great value.

How a Certification Can Help Your Career

  • IT certifications offer an excellent blend of technical and practical expertise. The certifications rigorously test the skills and knowledge of a candidate and hence are highly regarded by top companies.
  • They allow experienced candidates to upgrade themselves in the respective fields of expertise. Rather than pursuing another degree, people can upgrade their skills and knowledge in a particular field via an appropriate certification.
  • Fresh candidates with an IT certification get a hiring advantage. Companies are seen recruiting even inexperienced candidates if they hold a certification.
  • An IT Certification helps in getting promotions and makes you eligible for better salary hike. For instance, if there are two candidates, one with a certification and the other without it, the candidate who holds a certification is expected to get a promotion faster as compared to the other.

Choosing a Proper IT Certification

Even though it is seen that IT Certifications demand 2011 is high, one should not get a certification just for the sake of it. You need to check whether it is necessary and how much of it would assist you in your career. For instance, IBM  (Rational Team Concert V3) and PMP certification can be beneficial for a candidate in project management field and CCNA accreditation can boost the marketability of a professional from networking field.

Impact of IT Certification on Your Career

As per surveys, a candidate with a certification is expected to get 10% increase in the starting salary. However, this stands true only for certifications that are in demand at a particular time. While recruiting people, top companies usually select certified candidates over non-certified ones. You can clear the IBM  exam successfully in the first attempt? has released the most up-to-date practice questions for 000-617 IBM Certified System Admin – DB2 10 System Admin for z/OS.

Also while working with a company, you can get a certification that would boost the knowledge related to your job profile.  You can generate a demand for yourself by having a certification. For example, if you happen to be in the networking field, a CISCO certification can certainly earn you a high value in the organization. This is likely to bring in a promotion or a pay hike (or both).


After going through all the IT Certifications Demand 2011 We can conclude that People with networking skill have a huge demand in various IT industries. Stay focused and do a proper research on IT Certifications demand 2011 before you opt for a course that would help you excel in your career.



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