With so many options to choose from when selecting a HDMI switch, which is the right option?

Of course, it all comes down to exactly what you need now, what your equipment is compatible with, and what you may be upgrading to in the future. If you are never planning on buying any more HDMI devices, then you can select a switch with just as many imputs as you require. Some dealers are able to supply a HDMI switch which is capable of switching as little as 2 source devices, up to as many as 16! Normally the higher range ones will also be classed as a splitter, and sometimes a matrix – giving you more options I will be talking about at a later date.

If you’re planning to upgrade your equipment sometime in the possible near future, you will need to select a HDMI switch which will accommodate all your possible, currently unknown upgrades. There’s no point buying a very cheap HDMI switch now, if you’re planning on buying a 3D Television in the next year – a cheap and nasty HDMI switch will most probably not be 3D compatible. Select a HDMI switch with enough inputs, including technology which is advanced enough to accommodate your future home theater upgrades.

It is most certainly possble to get a 3D HDMI switch at a decent price – you just need to have a hunt around.



…But what are the features I should be looking for?

  • 3D Capability
    without 3D capability, you may need to purchase another switch when buying a new, 3D tv.
  • Built in signal amplifier
    if you’re using a slightly longer cable, you will need a signal amplifier!
  • Full HD1080p
    believe it or not, some switches aren’t even capable of full HD signals!
  • High Quality Construction
    a high quality construction will give a longer life, as well as extra shielding against interference.



A HDMI switch with a built in signal amplifier is not a must – however if you’re mounting your television a fair distance from your other equipment, you’ll need to look for a quality HDMI switch with a built in amplifier. Most will state all of their features on the box, however if it doesn’t state that it is capable of 3D signal – or HDMI v1.3b, it will most likely not be compatible with higher-end electrical equipment.

For more information about 3D HDMI switches, HDMI switches with built-in signal amplifiers, you may find for your needs at www.myhdmi.com.au.



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