Ext JS is an extensible, powerful and flexible JavaScript framework which was created and supported by Sencha Inc. Sencha are a leading provided of open-source web application frameworks, providing to more than a million developers worldwide.

What is so good about Ext JS?

Ext JS is extremely powerful and flexible and can be used by single developers all the way to large development teams. Some of Ext JS’s most attractive features would be its rich library of modern UI widgets, comprehensive API documentation and cross-browser compatibility. It’s clean component model easily enables developers to extend and modify existing components to tailor a new custom component to better suit their needs.

The pre-build library of rich UI widgets gives the developer the a

bility to create amazing, complex applications in a relatively short time span. Some of these widgets include grids, trees, menus, windows and charts.

How Can I Learn to use the Ext JS Framework?

Learning to use the Ext JS framework has always in the past included a steep learning curve as absorbing the processes, component model and understanding the concepts behind Ext JS is a hard task.

With the latest version of Ext JS (Ext JS 4), Sencha is aiming to reduce the learning time of its framework with easier to understand code, more extensive documentation and more pre-build widgets. This will make Ext JS easier to use and therefore increase the widespread use of the framework with developers everywhere.

Ext JS has a learning center included on Sencha’s website. This includes an overview, samples, FAQs, tutorials, step-by-step tutorials and the API docs. All the information needed to learn the framework is included within these sections, although nothing will teach you more than experience and playing with the code. It is all very well learning the code and what is available for you, but what happens when you run into trouble? The Ext JS community is a large, active community of developers from all over the world, including members of the Sencha development team, book authors and industry professionals. The forums are a great place to look for information, ask questions and learn from others.

Who uses Ext JS and what for?

Sencha have a list of their higher profile clients listed on their website. There include well-known brands such as CNN, HSBS, Cisco, Adobe, Visa and Samsung. The framework has many uses, acting as the powerhouse driving systems such as CRM Systems, CMS Systems, Scheduling and Booking Applications and many more. I have previously used it to create a browser based spreadsheet.

For more information about Ext JS or Sencha, visit http://www.sencha.com

Read my review on the latest Ext JS 4 release: 


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