The release of Windows 8 is surrounded in rumours, but one thing we can expect is a shift towards cloud computing, greater security, easier networking and increased ease of use. If you are in business, these are all significant improvements you should take advantage of.

Many of us in business are seriously concerned with PC security and use. Rumors circulating about the new Windows 8 platform changes, and changes in Windows 8 registry and kernal with support for a 128 bit platform will make it loaded with super strength and super security. Bill Gates wanted a PC in every home running Windows back in 1986, and it is a testament to that dream. Here is a look at those rumored changes keeping in mind those specific changes for us in business.

  • Cloud Computing. While we have heard about Cloud Computing for some time, it is yet to eventuate. We are used to getting our operating system online, but it is still heavily installed on our individual machines. It is said that Windows 8 will be the first real step for an operating system that will move towards a real Cloud Computing experience. This will have numerous effects on the software we are using now. If you are using business software to operate and improve your business, expect serious improvements in that area. Cloud Computing will mean all of your software will not be on your computer anymore. The best business software and database systems should already be providing this to you in some degree. Talk with your supplier about the implications.
  • Security. 128 bit architecture will mean a huge range of security increases for computers. Be it 16 bit or 128 bit architecture, computers still do their calculations in ones and zeros. But what 128 bit architecture does mean is that your computer can do many more times the calculation at any single time. This means your computer is moving into the realm of a super computer and can handle more complicated issues, security being a number one priority. The more your computer can handle, the more it can control.
  • Networking. Home networking was one of the most important features of Windows 7, and so you can expect networking to improve and be much easier to use. This is very important for us in business, because we can rely on less technical support to use our computers to the point where we can simply set up our own server. This has a lot of implications, as we may want to have our own server in our office instead of paying for dedicated servers. As the operating system improves, we get used to using it, and we need less in-depth technical knowledge to set up systems where we needed professional technical support only a few years ago.
  • Interface. Obviously there will be greater improvements in the feel and use of the Windows interface. While Apple was leading in this area only a few years ago, with recent improvements in the PC operating system, those differences in usability between Apple and Windows are not as different as they once used to be.

The release of Windows 8 and even Windows 9 in the near future is a very exciting time for those in business.


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