Many people are still using Windows XP even though Windows 7 has been available for some time. The damage done to Windows’ reputation with Vista still lingers in the air. Users of Windows 7 are happy and that has brought about some amount of rehabilitation of the OS’s reputation. At the same time, most users are using Microsoft. They have the majority share, and this will probably always be the case. Windows 8 is coming online soon. There are a lot of rumours and tech-talk. This article simplifies what you can expect.

Windows Vista was the single biggest disaster in the history of Microsoft. The operating system caused so many problems and was quickly replaced by Windows 7. Many PC users are still using Microsoft XP, which does still function relatively well. You can get by with your old machine on XP, and this is another reason why many people have not updated to Windows 7. Those who did, and have a better machine with more RAM and processing power have been very happy with it. That being said, the ‘damage’ done by Vista to the reputation of the Windows operating system still lingers in the minds of many users, and the general reputation of the Microsoft OS. At the same time, the majority of us still use a PC. Windows 7 itself, improved our opinion again of Microsoft, and now that we are used to it, the word is spreading on the imminent release of Windows 8. There is a lot of technical talk about the changes that Windows 8 will bring, and so this article is written to put that into simple terms for you to understand. A look at what we can expect with Windows 8 for ‘dummies’

  • SoC. System on Chip architecture sounds a little complicated. Windows 8 will support this type of machine. What that means is that the new Windows 8 download will be able to work on a number of devices. Think about this for a moment, a tablet does not have a hard drive and all of the components of a desktop or laptop computer. Essentially they run on a single chip. What this means in simple terms is, the Windows 8 operating system will work on computers, tablets, and some types of phones (there will probably be phones adapted for the OS, and the OS may have some versions that run well on phones). If you think about it from Microsoft’s perspective, they need to have an OS that will function on all of these devices. Currently, that is not the case, and this means they are missing out on a lot of business. If Windows 8 can do this, it means Microsoft can penetrate many markets with one standard OS.
  • Interface. Interface is a big word talking about what an OS looks like to the user. Currently on Windows you see your desktop, and you start with the start button. Since the launch of smartphones, and particularly the iPhone, a different approach to the way OS present themselves to us has begun to prevail. The main leader of this has been Apple. The iPhone was the first real change we saw, and this has been rolled over into the iPad. You turn it on and you have many application buttons to choose from. In essence, the idea of the desktop is being dropped. This type of interface is much easier for people to use. If this type of interface was how computers were introduced to us many years ago, there would be more people using computers today. There is still a large proportion of society that struggles with the desktop and how to use a computer. The new type of interface is simple, clear and obvious. Windows 8 is moving in this direction. Replacing your standard screen with a touch-screen on your home PC will make Windows 8 even easier to use, although they are stating it will work just as well with a mouse and keyboard. It is interesting to note, the latest version of Apple’s OS has done the exact same thing.
  • Light and Smooth. This is purely a guess, but if you understand the two points above, it is easy to understand the newer OS will be smooth and fast to use. All OS manufacturers are putting more features into their operating systems while at the same time they are focusing on making those systems run smooth and fast. The manufacturers know we are using several applications at once, and we are switching between them a lot as we entertain ourselves or get our work done.

Windows 8 could well be the most exciting development for Microsoft in a long time. For those use a PC, you can expect radical changes you will like.


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