It’s official, the number one threat to mankind is spyware!
As if that needed some explaining by your most hated high school maths teacher, the one that kept picking up on you to answer the questions, despite the fact that you’d sit at the very back of the classroom and never volunteered to lift your hand to answer any questions.

When you think about it, most of our lives today are conducted online – if you don’t have a Facebook or twitter account, then you’re considered lame or, worse still, Amish.
People today judge you by the number of friends you have on Facebook, or how often you tweet your frustrations into cyberspace etc.

When you take all this into account, then you’ll realize, your most prized possession, is no longer those Gucci shoes (does Gucci make shoes?) or the little wozzle you call a pet yapping away in your purse!

No, your most prized possession is now your computer, the PC, the one that you don’t think twice about protecting or use to send pictures of yourself that your conservative catholic upbringing parents would need therapy for.

Around 2004, some eevil genius from Russia (with love) unleashed a virus called Mydoom, and this almost marked the end of the World as we know it.
Cleaning up this virus from all infected PCs was in the Billions, most companies had to purchase whole new PCs, some lost their entire databases due to this little worm.

Now, if you’re wondering what this has got to do with you before coming out of the closet, then know this, without the requisite spyware protection, the whole World is likely to know about your “status” before you even know about it.

There are so many nefarious, yet brilliant geeks out there, whose sole aim is to steal your information from your PC.
Whatever they may choose to do with that information, is really a byproduct of your imagination.

If you thought your online banking experience was easy, breezy, beautiful like a cover girl, then you have another thing coming.
Did you know that there’s spyware, called keylogger, that copies each k-e-y-s-t-r-o-k-e you make on your pc, and relays all that information to the mastermind behind it?

Years back, it used to be that, when your PC ran slower, you knew instantly you had a virus.
These days however, worms and other sorts of creepy crawlies will reside on your machine for months, without any loss in the performance of your computer.

Did you also know that, the average anti-spyware solution only removes about 40 – 60% of the malware on your PC?
Food for thought huh?

If you want to know from your pc, you really need to make a conscious decision and decide on the right spyware protection you need.
At the most, you may need 2 or 3 solutions on your machine.
Forget about the free versions of software floating around on the internet… there’s a reason most of this software is free, and I don’t think I need to elaborate on this.

Get yourself an all-in-one internet security suite, one that has spyware protection, spam protection, sonar and a firewall. Clean cookies off your machine before turning off your machine at night.

And by cleaning cookies, we’re not talking about dusting off the Oreo Cookie crumbs you so inadvertently dropped on your computer whilst watching porn at night!
Clear your cache and browser at night or before using your pc. Block pop ups. The same applies to email too, have a spam filter on all your emails.

This may sound dire, but unless you’re willing to share your so called private user experience of the internet with the rest of the World, you’re better off behind a firewall, than on youtube!

You decide on the methods to from your computer – I know I have.