I spend half my life on my computer (well probably more if the truth is told). There are two tools that I use daily that I wanted to share with you.

Basically I now couldn’t function without them as they have made my life so much easier. The first of these tools is Roboform – this is marketed as a password manager but if you use it to its full potential it can be so much more. Roboform stores every single password that you use. This means that you will never again have to remember a password (with one exception as you will need the password to log into Roboform but as you use this daily, it is unlikely that you will forget it)

Roboform is extremely secure and it not only remembers your passwords, it also logs you into the website. For example if it has stored your facebook password, you would click on ‘facebook’ in the Roboform toolbar and it will automatically take you to the facebook login url, then you watch it enter your username and password (password is not visible at this point), it then clicks the submit button and you are logged in with one click of the button.

Roboform has some other excellent features such as the Identities section. You can basically hold all your personal details under your identity file and when it comes time to fill out a form online you can just go to your Roboform toolbar and click on the identity you want to use e.g. Joe Blogger and Roboform will pre-populate all the information into the form for you.  You will never have to complete a form manually again.

As well as storing identities, Roboform can also be used to store any online form. I use this for entering a weekly competition on my favourite site. I basically saved the form the first time I entered the competition and now I just use Roboform to pre-populate all the information and I update the answer as necessary.

Safe notes is another features. This is basically a notepad within Roboform, so it is password protected. I find this particularly useful for storing booking references etc.

Dropbox is the next tool that I recommend that people try. If you are like me then you probably use a laptop, PC or Mac and a mobile phone for storing data. Dropbox helps to simplify this as it can be downloaded to each of your applications and any file that you upload into your Dropbox folder can be accessed on any of your devices. For example if you have a file on your laptop, save it to your Dropbox file and then you can access it on your mobile later on.

You can also access any of your files on the Dropbox website so even if you don’t have any of your devices to hand, you will never be stuck!

I also use Dropbox to store my Roboform backup file, this means I know if any of my computers crash I will have instant access to all my online accounts. The combination work well together as you can sync your Roboform passcards and update them continuously.

Dropbox is free for a certain amount of data and there is a monthly fee after that. You have a one off (affordable) payment for Roboform but as I say, I simply couldn’t do without these tools now so they are worth every penny. To find out more check out:


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