Outdoor digital signage just like any other computer hardware needs guarding against the dangers of nature as well as physical attacks from would be thieves.

Outdoor digital signage is the new way to advertise an organisations services or products, using digital high definition images and videos to produce an awesome advertising solution that will stop customers in their tracks, instantly getting their attention.

The hardware used is normally a flat panel screen and a media player, the media player can be a basic unit that holds the adverts on to a memory card or a hard drive that stores the hardware locally and can be updated through a network connection, as you can imagine there is a price difference. But when considering the solution you have to remember the hidden costs that will be incurred sending a specific person to update the content rather than sending the updated content to the media player over the Internet connection.

It is usually best to use commercial grade screens as these are designed and manufactured to work 24 hours per day every day and come with a 50,0000 hour warranty, also a regular flat panel screen will not show content when in a portrait position unlike the commercial grade screens.

No matter what hardware you use if you intend on deploying outdoor digital signage at transportation hubs, or on a busy freeway you need to consider the protection needed, as it only needs a car to pick up a stone in it’s tire and if it hits the screen the digital hardware is ruined as well as your customers losing out on missed revenue from prospects.

There are many protective ranges on the market, but you must consider that if the hardware is being deployed in a high risk area for vandalism, the viewing window must be a minimum of 8 mm thick (3/8”) and the enclosure has to be locked with high security locks, as it would be futile if you enclosed the hardware not to have the correct lock fitted to the housing.

The protective have also to have a way to regulate the heating and cooling in the housing, so that the digital signage hardware does not overhead or freeze, obviously this depends from location to location and can range from -30 to 150 Fahrenheit.


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