Since people want to play Starcraft 2 competitively, some have turned to the sc2 shokz guide to help them out. However, there are some skeptics as to how it can help you play your game.

Here are some of the things that you get through the sc2 shokz guide.

Build or Tech Trees:

One of the more difficult things to manage while playing starcraft 2 would be the build trees. With so many buildings and technologies to choose from, it can be quite a chore to know which one of them would help you win the match.

The sc2 shoks guide would be able to help you know which of the buildings you should start off first. They would also teach you which technologies you should research and strengthen up before engaging into battle.

Also, the best thing about the sc2 shokz guide is that it is not limited to a cookie cutter recipe. It tries to cater the build and tech trees into the type of play style that you would want to have, whether it is an aggressive or defensive style.


Another important thing that the sc2 would teach you would be the hotkeys. In playing competitive starcraft 2, you would need to have good hand speed when using both the mouse and the keyboard.

The keyboard hot keys would help you select units, scroll across the map, order teams, and do a variety of tricks that would have taken some time if you had just used the mouse. By doing this, you would not fall behind to enemy rushes and attacks simply because you selected your units or queued up your teams slowly.

Understanding Each Unit:

The sc2 shokz guide would also help you in understanding each unit. One of the strengths of Starcraft 2 is that there are really no throwaway units. You would be able to use each and every one of them for a great purpose.

Of course, people may get confused especially since there are quite a number of units and a variety of skills to use. The guide would help people by explaining the units, their skills, and the situations wherein they would be most beneficial to the battle field.

You should realize however that the is just that, a guide, you should still try to come up with your own ways of strategizing and plotting out your victory while playing this game.



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